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    Patouf vs. Thunder

    Video (by Turban)

    Team captain Stayon (116-59) led his team to an 8 minute victory over top-seeded Thunder, ahead of nanto (104-70), Trasher in WB (101-55, 8 Teks!!!), Sprained (91-38), and Bueno (85-60). ph (2.9 RPD, 5 Teks!!) once again led a vociferous duo in shark, gobbling up the enemy terr like tic-tacs alongside Olde (2.8 RPD), as porkjet (35-5, 2 Teks) showed his versatility in base with a solid showing in terrier.

    On the losing side, Thunder played admirably, but both their starting sharks (TABARNAK!!! and beam) were absent, forcing their two top spids into shark, as Ease (2.8 RPD, 2 Teks) and JAMAL (2.7 RPD) played well, but this change gutted their spid power, getting outkilled by a whopping 170.

    Hydride's return seemed fortuitous, but a rusty terrier proved fodder for Trasher in warbird and ph in shark, averaging over a death every two minutes, going an abysmal 30-18.

    A borrowed Boblemoche (108-65) proved their leading scorer, ahead of Undercut (101-66), Ricko (99-65), Rendered (65-64), and Missa (52-72).

    The overlong Easter delay proved anathema to the bye team, and ultimately I'm the person to blame for approving it. I think it was the wrong call, and those QF teams who wanted the week off ended up missing players anyway both weeks. Since my two TWL teammates were the ones with the byes to the Semi-Finals, I didn't want to be accused of bias, and so I let the QF caps decide, and the delay was a mistake. It was a shitty situation either way, but ultimately no delay would have been a better option, I think.

    Patouf has always seemed poised for a Finals berth in the only league they truly cared about, amassing great value low-star players and superstar talent, knocking out Silence in the Quarter-Finals, in a gritty, hard-fought 20:00:16:41 victory the week prior, and dispatching of a less-resilient Thunder without much effort.

    Also, props to Stayon for letting Thunder borrow Boblemoche to play out this game, great sportsmanship.

    HOT: Trasher (101-55), amassing a whopping 8 teks in warbird, cutting up Hydride into separate oxygen and hydrogen atoms.
    HOT: ph (2.9 RPD), bringing in another deadly 5 teks to compliment trasher, as the Splash Brothers will be giving Thunder's terr nightmares for days.
    NOT: beam, for faking afk and refusing to play. Worthless.

    Click image for larger version

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    Power vs. Blooms

    Video (Don't forget to turn on 1080p by clicking on the Gear Icon)

    The undefeated 8-0 basing juggernaut Blooms were finally toppled by the second-seeded Powergonians, losing 20:00-12:53 in the Semi-Finals.

    Superstar 6-Star Rasaq (137-72, 3 Teks!) led all spiders, ahead of Henry Saari (134-48), godking Solace (116-73) top, and a resilient Rough (103-65) and Wazzaaa.NL (76-48) holding under with aplomb.

    Zidane (2.9 RPD) and Hulk (2.9 RPD) sharked ahead of Ogron (41-5, 2 Teks) in terr, as the lead was traded back and forth for the first 25 minutes, with basing behemoth Blooms taking an early 6-4 lead, before it evening out at 10-10, Blooms retaking the lead, and Power finally taking over late and closing it out in convincing fashion with some strong crams.

    For the losing side, maketso (57-12) terred his squad ahead of a2m (2.8 RPD, 2 Teks) and LF (2.9 RPD).

    One of the best features of this match were two of the three best spiders in the game going head-to-head, as Solace took on former teammate Medal Dodger (123-58), who did his best to carry fellow Bloomers Reckful (105-82), M_M God (81-78), Mean Gene (87-62), who spent much of the game in javelin, unable to manage a tek or make much impact once Power adapted and began to push more, and Morg/zreqdf (77-89), matching up against Wazzaaa under.

    LF and Zidane also were in a grudge match, with LF having an axe to grind on forums earlier in the week in a Ratings thread:

    Originally posted by LF
    So zid plays only 1 ship in basing and not even all that well yet he is "more valuable" in basing than [...] downfall (better shark), [...] mhz (better shark), oder (better shark), [...] menel (better shark), LF (better shark), etc... [...] If all these people are 8s he should be a 7 or 6. [...] I get that you need a spot on a squad during the year and overrating ease and zid is one way to do that but it seems like somebody needs to wake up and apologize.

    I'm just one out of the many I listed that are leaps and bounds better than he is. He is nothing without mattey and/or ph.
    It seemed that Zidane managed just fine without either, taking the game by seven minutes. After showing Mattey the video without prompt or knowledge of the beef with LF, I shit you not, his opening remarks were, verbatim:

    2:Mattey> watched the beginning of the twdt game and LF is so bad
    2:Mattey> its gonna be hard not to watch him the whole time
    2:Mattey> hes bad and the opening flag sequence proves it
    2:Mattey> he loses positioning for no reason and then after he loses it takes a terrible angle and gets repped into a bad spot
    2:Mattey> hes so stupid

    There you have it.

    HOT: Rasaq (137-72, 3 Teks), Rasaq had led almost every game in kills, and is an absolute monster 6-Star who doesn't camp and for my money is the best 6-Star, even ahead of standouts Bueno and TheWadoRooster.
    HOT: Solace (116-73, 2 Teks), this guy has been an absolute monster all season and is my favorite spid besides Spezza, and continued to bully the opposition with huge plays, consistent results, and going after their best player. Utterly fearless.
    NOT: LF (2.9 RPD). I'm not qualified to judge sharks, so I rarely give them LVP, but given Mattey's unsolicited comments, being on an 8-0 team, having a2m for a partner, and the amount of bitter spew emanating from this guy on forums talking about how good he is and how shitty the opposing shark is, this seems like a no brainer.

    Click image for larger version

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    With that, Power will move ahead to take on Patouf in the TWDT-B 2015 Finals this Sunday!

    Click image for larger version

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    Power vs. Blooms
    Round 1

    Video (by Turban)

    Power put in a predatory performance, pounding their Spawnisen-less prey into submission, as Zidane (13-10), Rough (11-6), Fram (11-7), and Children (11-10) put in a balanced effort to down Blooms in this tight match, carrying 5-Star Wazzaaa.NL (0-8) in tow.

    Maketso's Bloomers had an excellent jav season, unfortunately short a pair of starters, in what would have certainly been a very close game, even against TWDT-J favorites Power, as they scythed WIN OR DIE 2-0 by scores of 50-35 and 50-40.

    a2m (10-10) and top-tier 5-Star javelin Morg (10-10) put in spirited efforts, but couldn't carry maketso (8-10), Medal Dodger (4-10), Mean Gene (3-5), and zreqdf (3-4).

    HOT: Rough (11-6)
    NOT: Wazzaaa.NL (0-8). An excellent spidering performance in TWDT-B makes me almost reconsider giving you this, but 0-8 on the winning side is so fucking bad LOL -- Take a page out of Best's playbook and just mask your inability to jav properly by suiciding and then hiding on 9.

    Click image for larger version

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    Power vs. Blooms
    Round 2

    Video (by Turban)

    Power polished off the Bloomers with a perfunctory performance, as smash brothers Zidane (15-7) and Fram (15-8) led Children (11-10), Lee (3-1), and Rough (6-10) to the W.

    For Blooms, none were able to achieve parity, as maketso (9-10), Mean Gene (8-10), Morg (5-10), a2m (4-10), and Medal Dodger (4-10) all went into the red.

    HOT: Zidane (15-7)
    HOT: Fram (15-8)
    NOT: Medal Dodger, with back-to-back 4-10 outings. Judging by your play, the only thing you dodged was a TWDT-J title.

    Silence vs. Thunder
    Round 1


    The Silencers came out of the gate gunning, as Kim (16-6) and Roiwerk (16-10) dropped a whopping 32 kills between the two of them, edging out the Thundarians by eight, ahead of Best (13-9), Boblemoche (3-7), Casket (1-5), and diakka (1-5).

    Current TWLJ and TWDT-J title holder Ease (14-10) did everything humanly possible to will his team to victory, but found little help beyond Ardour (11-10), as Shadowmere (7-10) failed to live up to expectation and JAMAL (6-10) was apparently hosting a party to watch the Cleveland Cavaliers in the playoffs, pulling a 2011 Cape (little BONK! inside-joke), and Lena-replacement Missa (4-10) fared little better.

    HOT: Kim (16-6)
    HOT: Roiwerk (16-10)
    NOT: JAMAL (6-10). It's the Semi-Finals. The Cavs have like 23 more playoff games, all more important than this one. They're playing Boston at home. The Celtics have more white guys than a KKK meeting -- they're not going to win.

    Click image for larger version

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    Thunder vs. Silence
    Round 2


    Shadowmere (13-7) finally showed up for a round, as Ease (12-9) continued his strong play, ahead of JAMAL (10-9), Ardour (9-8), and Missa (6-9), who had an excellent game as a 5-Star, making some big plays.

    Like a Chernobyl resident the Silencers were shooting blanks, with only Best (10-10) going even, as Roiwerk (8-8), Kim (8-10), diakka (8-10), and Boblemoche (7-10) all put in decent performances, but fell short to Thunder.

    HOT: Shadowmere (13-7)
    HOT: Ease (12-9)
    NOT: Matchbot, giving Silence an extra life on a weird sub in from Commodo, making the actual score 51-42. Only Jesus and Mario mushrooms may grant life.

    Silence vs. Thunder
    Round 3


    Silence finished off javing juggernaut Thunder with a concerted effort, as diakka (12-7), Best (12-10), Roiwerk (11-8), Commodo (9-9) and Boblemoche (5-10) got the better of their counterparts and knocking them out of contention.

    For Thunder, Shadowmere (12-10) and JAMAL (10-10) maintained their Round 2 form, but it was too little, too late as Ardour (9-10), Missa (6-10) and Ease (5-10) ran out of gas.

    HOT: diakka (12-7)
    HOT: Best (12-10)
    NOT: Ease (5-10). Lost by 6 and the best player in the game is -5. The only time you should be -5 in Florida is when you go see a Tampa Bay Lightning game, where you can watch Quebequers who actually show, unlike TABARNAK!!!.

    With that, Silence will go on to play Power in the TWDT-J Finals this Sunday:

    Click image for larger version

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      Power vs. WIN OR DIE
      Round 1

      Video (by Turban)

      Power defeated WIN OR DIE, who had a full showing of their top four plays (Racka, Weak, vys, and Turban) and... no one else. The other 30+ people on their roster didn't show, leaving them down one player, as a Machiavellian Zidane did not grant them an exemption from TWDT rules that do not allow borrowing in the playoffs, as his team won both rounds 5v4.

      okyo (12-4), Sawyer (12-8), and Rasaq (7-1) took full advantage, alongside 6-Stars Rough (6-7) and The Voodoo Child (3-3), downing the shorthanded line of Racka, vys, Weak, and Kira.

      HOT: okyo (12-4)
      NOT: The 30+ people who didn't show for the Semi-Finals, including five who were online but afk.

      Click image for larger version

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      Power vs. WIN OR DIE
      Round 2

      Video (by Turban)

      Huge props to vys (11-10), Racka (10-10), and Weak (10-10), for duking it out and putting in fantastic performances, despite being down 4v5 and having their backs to the wall, as the TWDT-D contenders fell to poor showing.

      The Powergonians sealed the deal as Sawyer (11-8) led Rasaq (9-7), okyo (8-7), The Voodoo Child (7-3), and Rough (5-10) to the W, as a ruthless Zidane looked on high above his perch, cackling fiendishly.

      HOT: vys (11-10)
      HOT: Racka (10-10)
      HOT: Weak (10-10)

      Zidane at his computer surveying his TWDT team (File Photo):

      Click image for larger version

Name:	PJL6kst.png
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      Silence vs. Thunder
      Round 1


      Lasenza (14-6) proved to still be in championship form, as he led the venomous trio of Best (13-9) and Raazi (8-9), alongside superstar 6-Star bad game (11-8) and Kim (4-7), knocking down undefeated 7-0 Thunder in round 1.

      Ease (15-10), Shadowmere (10-10) and Ricko (9-10) responded in kind, outkilling their fellow trio, but 7-Star superstar JAMAL (4-10) flunked out, after a career year in TWDT-D during the regular season, putting in abysmal and distracted performance, and Missa (1-10) faring even worse.

      HOT: Lasenza (14-6)
      HOT: Ease (15-10)
      NOT: JAMAL (4-10), who dominated the regular season across all three leagues, sorely disappointed when it mattered most, and continuing Ease's TWDT playoff curse.

      Other TW curses: going 7-0 in any TWDT league league guarantees you lose in the playoffs (Nimrook, Power, Thunder, Thunder, Kamikaze, Blooms), being drafted by TJ Hazuki.

      Silence vs. Thunder
      Round 2


      Raazi (17-9) picked a good time to have his best game of the year, going off for 17 and leading Best (14-10), Lasenza (12-7), Kim (3-6), bad game (0-5), and Afri (4-5) to the victory.

      For the Thundarians, Ricko (15-10) stepped up big time, matching Raazi blow for blow, as did Shadowmere (11-10), but Ease (7-10), Missa (3-10), and once again JAMAL (6-10) weren't up to the task, losing in straight sets.

      HOT: Raazi (17-9)
      HOT: Ricko (15-10)
      NOT: bad game (0-5), awful score on the winning team, although I'm sure you have an alternate explanation for it.

      Click image for larger version

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      Silence will take on Power in the TWDT-D Finals this Sunday, starting at 3:00PM EDT:

      Click image for larger version

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        WB of the Week: Raazi (17-9), putting the dagger in Thunder's heart and clinching a TWDT-D Finals berth.
        Javs of the Week: Fram (15-8) and Kim (16-6), as both were monsters in their games, helping carry Power and Silence to the promised land.
        Basers of the Week: Solace (116-73, 2 Teks) and Stayon (116-59, 1 Tek), as the two best spiders left in TWDT showed just why they're so good, as they bullied their way into the Finals in spider.

        Players of the Week: Best and Rasaq
        Best led Silence to the TWDT-J and TWDT-D Finals, going 13-9, 10-10, and 12-10 in javelin, alongside a 13-9 and 14-10 in warbird, maximizing his use of deaths and provided crucial consistency and big numbers for his squad, showing why he won the scoring title in both leagues.

        Rasaq has been dominant in both TWDT-B and TWDT-D for Power this season, helping his team go a perfect 3-0 and reaching the Finals in every league. He got the job done against (an admittedly shorthanded) WIN OR DIE in warbird, going 7-1 and 9-7, but where he truly shone this week was base, where he dropped a massive 137-72 with 3 teks to lead all spider this week, and proving himself the top 6-Star player in TWDT-B.
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          Six teams went into the Semi-Finals, three came out, as top-seeded Thunder was ousted in shocking fashion in all three leagues. TWDT-D heavyweights WIN OR DIE were eliminated in their sole remaining league, while basing behemoth Blooms saw their perfect season go up in smoke, as they were dismissed from both TWDT-B and TWDT-J.

          For the third time in five years, a team succeeded in reaching all three finals, as Power swept the semis and will attempt to match a feat accomplished by only one squad in TWDT history, Hulk's 2011 dun vs me, who managed to down Ease's Nimrook in TWDT-D and TWDT-J, and Vehicle and Zidane's BONK! in TWDT-B, by a score of 20:00-19:53. The only other squad to reach all three finals was Hulk's 2013 dun vs me, which claimed one title, TWDT-D. Hulk also happens to be on 2015 Power, making him the only player to ever make all three finals in one year three times.

          Silence managed to reach two finals, TWDT-D and TWDT-J, as Lasenza attempts to retain his warbird crown after winning TWDT-D on Zizzo's Tool in 2014. This time, he'll have Best and Raazi at his side instead of Apok and Tripin. Power will attempt to retain it's TWDT-J crown, while newcomer Patouf will try to become the third low-seeded team in three years to claim the TWDT-B title, following in the footsteps of 2014's Sour Milk and 2013's Baratheon.

          Good luck to all three teams in the finals!
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                Sweet I got a Not for being the 2nd best shark in the game lol. I wouldnt expect anything else tbh given the source, same goes for mattey's comments. Practically the same source. Others not named LF/a2m think differently.

                You won javs because we were missing half our starters and had to play a 6 and two 5 stars (spezza, Morg, gurliver/zreq). Replace spezza (4-10) with spawni and gurliver/zreq (6-10) with dreamwin and we take the first round by at least 15 and who knows what would have happened round 3, extremely doubtful fram can get even close to 15 with more than 2 javs in for us.

                You won basing again because of no shows on our side. Had to again play our not regular 5's 6's. No mango., no dreamwin, no menelvagor. Replace zreq/morg with Mango. and that is an extra 50+ kills. Mango. or dreamwin could have both played either spid or terred over maketso for an improvement, and if menel showed up I could have spid and guaranteed that we didn't get bullied by spids like we did with 3 low stars in. Not to mention hypocrit is a whiny little homo and entirely useless as a basejav, so congrats on your A line beating our C line with your 6*s being the best players in the game, no matter who won this game is going to get demolished next week by puta and co anyways, so while I did want to win this one you are giving me a backhanded favor by making it so i can not login again 1 week sooner.
                1:wbm> i squint when im angry

                Originally posted by mtine
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                  3 out of 6 teams (with mine being close to being 4th, untill half time into adding players) had issues with shows, ease, racka and maket, with required number of people and/or top lines, 2 of them voted yes for easter break. Just out of curiosity.


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                    did anyone else have to read stayon's post 3x? just curios.
                    1:waven> u challenge
                    1:waven> if i challenge it looks too scary

                    Originally posted by MHz
                    Hope you contract ebola from your, no doubt cheap, Easter Egg, you fucking shit-jav, pug-faced cunt.


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                      I read it 4 times
                      TWL-J Season 11 Champion
                      TWL-J Season 21 Champion
                      TWL-B Season 21 Champion
                      TWL-B Season 22 Finalist
                      TWDT-D 2017 Champion
                      TWDT-J 2017 Champion


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                        So meticulous, cut it out mans lol

                        The point is there. Get on with the times of abrastact fast thinking.

                        Making this post while on dropping a stinky one, for inspiration.


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                          Mean Gene and MM_Suck are bad spiders, get exposed vs a jav ----- IQ > Playing spid 8+ years.
                          1:Ogron> i can officially say that i am quitting tinder dude fuck that i met the most amazing girl ever
                          1:Zidane> congrats man
                          1:Ogron> yeah she is into star wars movies and plays little bit of LoL
                          1:Ogron> AND we had a 10 minute make out session in my car
                          1:Rough> AND this guy wonders why he is a loser


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                            I like potatoes


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                              Ridiculous rotund robins ransacked Rusty's rugged rucksack while Rico rested. Revenge! Retribution! Rusty recognized his rancorous repugnance for the now relaxed robins and rampaged, resolving to revoke the robins right to remain.