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    Congratulations to Dreamwin's Terrorist on reaching all three finals for the second consecutive year -- a feat never previously achieved (although Hulk's dun vs me technically achieved a similar coup-de-grace, reaching all three in 2011 and 2013, electing not to captain in 2012.)

    Felicitations are also in order to Pressure's Mortal for reaching the TWDT-J Final, as Stayon and Rough attempt to defend their title. They won the championship with Dreamwin last year, so regardless of who wins, one of them will become back-to-back winners.

    Condolences to Curse, who were eliminated by the 23-win juggernaut that is Terrorist today. Attacks put together a great team that would have been a serious threat in any Final they reached with Ease returning, but alas, Turban and Okyo didn't let the genie out of the bottle. It would have been nice to have four teams in the final, but alas, 'twas not to be. Hopefully they return next season.

    Finally, my compliments to Zidane's Power on advancing to the TWDT-D and TWDT-B Final. Both these finals are grudge matches, as Dreamwin defeated Zidane in the warbirding semi-final last season, while Zid got the better of him in the basing final.

    This will be the fifth time in six seasons that Dreamwin and Zidane face-off in the TWDT-B playoffs, the third time in the Finals, and the second time as captains leading their respective squads, which each winning two apiece.

    Terrorist vs. Power -- 2016 (Fall) Finals
    Terrorist vs. Baratheon -- 2016 (Winter) Finals
    Blooms vs. Power -- 2015 Semi-Finals
    Kusoge vs. Power -- 2014 Semi-Finals
    Terrorist vs. Power -- 2012 Finals

    While all three captains have already won titles leading squads in TWDT (Pressure led Burger Nipples to victory in TWDT-D in 2008), Dreamwin and Zidane continue to chase history in their quest to surpass Hulk's dun vs me as the winningest team in history. Dreamwin is already assured of moving ahead of hulk with a point for each of his finals reached, putting him at 15, but Zidane could claim the #1 spot should he win both his games against Terrorist. A split would leave DW as the winningest captain of all-time.

    Good luck to all three teams this Sunday!

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