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Fun Fact - Nasty cheated to get their playoff spot (Official Appeal)

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    best part of this thread was ogron thinking he holds a candle to mhz.

    (for the record, i'm way worse than both of them)
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      Glad to see Qan step in and make the right call. I heard Henry was of the same mind as well.

      Good job staff.
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        Don't makes me laugh, Saari has been the main problem of this drama and qan cleverly ignored this fact. I wonder if the dude is the retard brother of qan's wife or literaly his boyfriend. He is incredibly stupid and unable. The fact "rules are short and lack of clarity" doesn't excuse the fact a team was allowed to cheat thanks to LC's approval. Staff has been horendous during this shit, the only good part is the clear conclusion made by qan.
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          Why it wasn't cheating:

          Ok so 'Mhz' posts 4 games, one of them quite recent (but >24 hours) the rest happening weeks ago or whatever. One of qan's replies dealt with this fact, which I thought was not necessary because the game in question happened two days before, the rest of the games were just further examples. Maybe an argument could be made that this thread and discussion could've happened weeks earlier but since it didn't that time has past. Surely if someone's reporting on multiple events or situations then they're allowed to report after the most recent, giving some leeway because it was only 48 hours after. Either way I didn't consider it a mitigating or supporting factor

          Next is the question of what crime was committed. RaCka either knowingly circumvented the rules (seems likely) or was unaware of a supposedly outdated (and copy + pasted) rule that states any borrowed 5 or 6* player must be a straight 6 star across all leagues. This of course is incongruent with the meaning of the rating system: either we accept that the rating system (in its current implementation.. there should be more ratings available according to consensus) is flawed in at least one way pertaining to overall skill level or the rating is an all-encompassing assessment of skill in a particular ship and the rule doesn't make sense (because if it's decided that you're a 6 that presumably takes into account all possibly relevant factors). Furthermore, why should this rule apply only to these two ratings? The thing about measuring human ability is that it usually falls into a normal distrbution.. so naturally there could only be a few 10 stars but a lot of 6 and 7*'s. If you're trying to make a curve it makes more sense to have more segments of that curve, like if there was a 1-10 system there are now 10 segments instead of 5, allowing more accurate distribution. Out of 100 there's even more segments, but 10 should be fine. It should take extreme effort to reach either a 1 or a 10, not because those numbers mean anything, but because it's necessarily a comparison. A 1 should be many times rarer than a 3 or 5 as should a 10. Most people can rate people instinctively well enough, but if you now have to sort people in groups by skill level it gets a bit harder, especially with more people. The more people the more difficult, which can be circumvented by the ladder process. This game doesn't have many players so you could probably group them all from 1 to 10 kind of like you do now.

          Seeing as how the rule is useless it doesn't make sense to enforce it if the desire is to encourage people to play and see the best teams playing. The onus should be on staff to make the rules sensible and rather impervious to abuse. If anything it's a jab at staff for having useless rules. Ogron said the rule is a carry over from when he was vetting everything himself which basically means he was evaluating everything personally and the rule wasn't really followed (my interpretation). Why it would be like that either I don't know, perhaps because nobody can agree on ratings and shit like that.

          But at the end the question of RaCka and Nasty cheating is inconsequential because the only game where big 'destruct' had a good performance was a blowout already. Therefore despite the fact that the useless rule was broken it had no material impact on the outcome of the match most likely.

          People say that Mhz is digging through scoreboxes and shit but I see his side as well. He only included it on like the last line but it is possible that Power threw that match. If you accuse people of throwing a match there is hardly anything you can do to convince people. Unless you had some proof of it there would be no way to convince people hard enough to have anything done. Yet if you have actual evidence that they broke a rule there's a better chance at getting justice.

          At the end of the day the loser is this game's competitive integrity again. I don't blame the players who will endlessly abuse terrible rules because even if you removed one there are thousand others.. when you could just fix the rules. Imo this really came down to the fact that the rule was terrible.. it shouldn't matter your score in other leagues and I feel like anyone half intelligent who read the rules would immediately see the stupidity of that rule. In a way he is doing the game a favour because without some controversy staff would probably never change it, just copy paste it from season to season until someone did exactly what RaCka did. It's not a highway robbery like some other controversies, destruct shouldn't have been playing but it didn't have a huge impact. Just what I think, willing to hear other views.


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            Originally posted by Ricko View Post
            fuck claus, did you really need to go back through the TWL site and TWL forum to sweep through every scorebox to prove a point? You need to cool off with getting so pent up over a petty argument or you'll have an early grave my friend.
            this ^

            gettin kind of scary bud
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              have a great weekend