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  • MC's after talk

    First of all I wanna thank everyone who has participated in this season of TWDT. As well as everyone who has created contents, drama, the captains, some staff and the bots!

    #1 Power
    There was really no team who could stop Power this season. When we look at their player stats it's no surprise that many of their players ended up at the top. With especially having Ease on top of the list. The stats also show that Zidane used the fewest players of all teams, with only 15 players. When we look at the stats itself, there aren't many surprises who did too good. Lews Therin might be one of them who had been underrated in their rating. He has almost the same TWDT-D stats rating as vys. We could say that Lews Therin should have been an 8* in wb. When we look to Power's jav team, I think Ro should be a 9* next season. The guy has played 5 rounds and all have been 11+ kills. Besides that I think their jav team has had solid ratings. Overall zidane has picked a bunch of active people he could count on to show. Zidane definately knows who to pick for his TWDT team after all these seasons of captaining. I honestly think Tripin is an underrated spider, but hey Henry Saari forced us to not use too many 8*s cuz he wouldnt get playtime otherwise.... Glyde is kinda a suprise to me, yes I knew he can base well, but last few seasons he looked more like a troll than a serious player, hence why he got a 6*. Lockdown maybe should get 7* next season. I mean the guy has decent aim in wb and jav, he can use that easily within base. The different skill level between all 6*s over the teams is way too huge.

    Team MVP: Ease
    Warbird: Lews Therin
    Javelin: Zidane
    Base: Ro

    #2 Blind
    Blind is one of the teams who has used the most players, 19 people, Legio XI is the other one. The predictions one Blind's basing weren't good, but it ended up being their best league in the last 3 weeks. In that week 24 and Gamma88 started showing for base, which helped Blind a lot. After Power Blind is the most 'balanced' team when it comes to the results. Ra had a great season with Blind as spider, he sure was their spidleader. Maito_chi had two great spid games too, if he showed more he would definately be a 8* to me. BIET is a kinda underrated 6*. The guy knows what to do in spider and does get his kills. Maybe he should be a 7* too? I am sure that will 'ruin' his chances of playtime in base, just like with Lockdown imo. Blind's warbird and javelin team didn't have outstanding preformances, it looks like it's their 'teaming' that got them this far. But when you look at their 6*'s, you see where they have been lacking. Both Finite and Unlimited stay around the 0 stat rating, which isnt a good sign. While Unlimited has had decent games in basing.

    Team MVP: 24
    Warbird: Dak
    Javelin: Geio
    Base: Ra

    #3 Legio XI
    Legio XI lost their #2 place on the last basing game, it didn't matter for them. But if Blind lost it vs them, they would have been #4. When we look at their results, you can see Legio XI counted on their warbird and basing team. Their big leader in warbird was beam. Beam had a great season in warbird and came close being the best warbird this season, well maybe he is, Ease is just not human... Together with Mythril and Steadman they secured their wins in warbird. Steadman had a great season in warbird and in my opinion he should be a 8* next season. In Legio XI's javelin team, Tiny disappointed a lot by not showing that much. And if he showed, he only hit 10+ kills once. A mutliple TWLJ winner should be better than that. With Mythril and Rodney in shark Legio XI has a good shark pair. Ogron in terr and JAMAL in spid makes this a very good basic for in base. The point where Legio XI is kinda lacking is the low star spots imo, especially if beam is used in spider and not in shark. But you wouldn't want to ruin a good sharkpair as Mythril and Rodney are. With the few sharks that are left in TW, maybe rodney deserves to become a 9*..

    Team MVP: Mythril
    Warbird: beam
    Javelin: Steadman
    Base: JAMAL

    #4 Nasty
    Nasty used 16 people, but they have borrowed a bunch over the weeks.. Apparently RaCka didn't pick some active people on their lower star players. Like Blind, Nasty has been a very balanced team. We knew RaCka would have to carry his team in warbird to the win. With Turban having a great game and people like Lofty and pineapple express doing their thing, Nasty won their games. In javelin they haven't had an outstanding player, yes some 5% showrate person did good. But he isn't worth mentioning. I don't think they really have had surprise ratings in either of the leagues. In base mr 5% showrate and Trasher did pull together 6 wins, which is impressive in my opinion.

    Team MVP: RaCka
    Warbird: Pineapple express
    Javelin: Mean Gene
    Base: Trasher

    ---------- Apparently Terrorist and Curse part didnt get posted... I wrote this all on forums so it isnt saved.. I will maybe write something new about Terrorist and Curse tomorrow. --------
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    Nice read and interesting idea to highlight some people whose rating should change. Can't raise too many people without lowering some too


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      Originally posted by zidane View Post
      Nice read and interesting idea to highlight some people whose rating should change. Can't raise too many people without lowering some too

      Yea, it was kinda meant to create a discussion about rating changes in general.

      I see the whole Terrorist and Curse part hasnt been posted... Stupid forum....
      Major Crisis


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        Here Curses for you Major to save you time
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          Nice write up about all 4 qualifying teams. Am tie with John Gibson, the kings of lower tier mostly. Invincible, No Surrender. Guessing in Base, Power only uses 13 Players. More than half not in use there. The blend is more appealing though guess someone in Duel can get help for being on the list over to Base, Jessup for instance thought only duels but in this is not the case. Very Accurate, Willing to Share as Usual Though.
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            Sad to say, each year the winner has the most broken rated players collected. Maybe look into mid season rating adjustments. Not just for people going up, but people going down. I'm sure there is a fair way to do this, and then having a trade window up after adjustments. Just a dumb thought.
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            Originally posted by MHz
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              rackas team dead last eh....dkm
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                Originally posted by Tiny View Post
                Sad to say, each year the winner has the most broken rated players collected. Maybe look into mid season rating adjustments. Not just for people going up, but people going down. I'm sure there is a fair way to do this, and then having a trade window up after adjustments. Just a dumb thought.

                Who is really broken rated on Power? Only one I really can think of is Ro being 8 in jav. For players like babe ruth its easier to play with Power than with the other teams, Power was just the more dominated team, so a 6* obviously has an easier job to do. And Lews Therin might be.. But I blame that on the hetic FA draft stuff. Ratings were adjusted on the day of the FA draft..

                Like I also said on the TWD weekly with Ixador, almost every season there is a team thats on top of everyone else. 2016 fall had Terrorist who barely lost a game. 2017 had that stacking thing in one league cuz overall playoffs werent there. Last season it was kinda tied, besides Ixador's team.
                Major Crisis


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                  Thanks again for this Major, this was a good read and useful lastnight for our interview. Keep it up my man! Cheers!


                  PS: I wouldn't worry about Terrorist or Curses stats at this point. It would of been nice to have them but being so close to Semi's, you may as well save some time to enjoy life and get ready for the weekend. Just my opinion.


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                    Thanks for the write-up MC, nice work.

                    Power are heavy favorites to win multiple leagues, for sure. Best shot at a triple crown since dun vs me did it in 2011.

                    Blind and Legio is the more interesting Semi-Final, to my mind. They're both good teams, yet neither are stacked. Should be fun. WB and Base should be close, while Blind is favored in Jav.
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