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  • DTB Week 4 Preview

    As we head into FA week, nothing is certain about these games. Surprise pickups and trades can flip advantages and prove my predictions wrong. Because I'm usually so correct (hi zidane's team)...

    Terrorist 15-2 Criminal

    Criminal's first match up this week is not overly worth discussion. With only a stolen win over Spider, I remain unimpressed with team this Criminal team.

    Treyway 15-13 Halo

    Treyway looks to extend their 4 game win streak into week 4 against an equally hungry Halo. Both teams, ranked 2 and 3, look to distance themselves from the lower tiers and solidify themselves as playoff contenders.

    Treyway's key to victory is colored red. With porkjet anchoring, they look very solid. Without porkjet, their only wins were a big win over a weak Pure Luck squad and an okay victory over an equally terrier-less Demacia. Defending champ SpookedOne has looked solid throughout, and should continue to do so into December.

    Hulk and Morph have looked great so far against solid opponents, and I'm not sure Mr. Homo and Jamal will be able to make the difference.

    Having wbm back in spider makes Treyway that much more dangerous, though both of these teams seem the most top-to-bottom stacked in spider. No clear advantage.

    Demacia 15-10 Spider

    Demacia looks to bounce back to full form with the return of Bitsaver. Spider also looks to come out swinging in a matchup of two good teams that had bad week 3s.

    Two top terrs try to burst, bullet and bounce each other out of the flagroom. This match could make a great terrier guide for any newer terrs, like Olde.

    In shark, Poni and WillBy look to squish the bug against Commodo and Joe. The low star Demacia duo, accustomed to punching above their weight, will have their work cut out for them. Commodo is scary, and joe can handle himself too. In pure skill, I give the advantage to Spider, but the shark game isn't about pure skill, it's about being good enough, which at least I think I am.....

    Demacia, lacking Lockdown from a recent trade, has more question marks than ever in Spider. Hopefully Aprix and any FA acquisitions will be able to take this line from good to great. It will take some stellar aim to shoot down Mikkiz, though I don't think they will feature as much a challenge in spider as their opponents name implies. Advantage Demacia.

    Power 15-4 Pure Luck

    I might occasionally underrate Zidane's team, as they've proven me incorrect about 2/3 of their matches so far (I dont include closed-door scrimmages, Criminal). Let's see if I can do it again.

    Pure Luck, newly reinvigorated by a lot of trades, looks to pull off the upset of the century, and here's how they do it:

    Step 1: The team shows up. Tony's crew packs a punch, and if they're all active, he has the tools necessary to win. P_L can still handle himself in terrier, and with paradise and Mark repping, he can take all the risky dashes into flagroom he wants. Combine that with skatarius, Ricko, Rab, Henry Saari, and another player in spider, and you've got yourselves a DTB regular season contender.

    Step 2: doubt the other team. Is Power actually any good? Zidane overdrafted high stars, while tiny has a bunch of value picks. This means tiny can afford a deeper line. Furthermore, Power looks vulnerable. They allowed Demacia to score 7 minutes without their starting terrier or a starting spider. For Christ's sake, they've let Criminal score more time than any other team except Spider!

    Step 4: gloss over your on insufficiencies. What insufficiencies?

    Step 5: FA draft. Second pick mean you'll be able to round out your line, while zid doesnt pick until 8th, where the only remaining players will be from a no-one cares league like jav, or hz.

    Step 6: pray/play. Not a joke about Asian players. Tiny's squad, as their name implies, will need to rely on some divine intervention here.

    Step 7: winning. Frankly, Power has a little bit more experience here than Pure Luck does.

    Step 8: coping with loss. Did we miss a step?

    Demacia 15-7 Terrorist

    In a rematch of their week 1 game, Demacia shows their upgrades, and flips the scores.

    Treyway 12-15 Power

    Treyway with porkjet looks to turn it around vs their previous loss. Will they do it? No, I dont think so.

    Criminal 5-15 Pure Luck

    Runner up Game of the Week. Pure Luck nets their second win, taking 2/2 from Criminal and 0/6 from the rest.

    Halo 15-14 Spider

    Game of the week, just based on previous results. Spider looks to avenge a 20 second loss week 1 and advance into a playoff spot.

    My predictions:
    Last week 4-4
    Overall 10-6

    Let's see your thoughts below!

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    Thanks for this content, Willby!
    1:hulk> lol thix called me a 7.5* shark after he saw in a video i called him bad
    1:turban> he sent me 1500 whatsapp messages about it btw
    1:Ease> loool


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      Thanks for the write up, this Sunday gonna be lit