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  • Yet Another Draft Review (Base)

    I am "pub trash", as zid affectionately puts it, so don't get upset if lineup fukd (specially on spids). also i cant count past 10 so starcap prob broke on few, just swap some mid/low spids. (og biggest star hog me thinks)


    terr: cape(10)
    sharks: mythril(10), major(8)
    spiders: henry(9), sky(8), falcon(8), lup(8), roz(8)

    didn't major shark last twdt? sensing some bad blood from other reviewers >.>
    henry is a great spid but his passiveness might cost some exchanges, would like to see him leading charge for others


    terr: thix(10)
    sharks: zid(10), oder(9)
    spiders: under(9), shayde(9), tiny(7), kent(7), tj(7)

    seeing zid and oder together on a team is giving me some anxiety; as long as their spids/terr can press the forward key enough to fall through the gaping hole they'll likely make in enemy line, this team will be alright. can only hope they get pissdrunk the night before our meets


    terr: mikk(10)
    sharks: turb(10), beam(7)
    spiders: ra(9), maito(8), draft(8), flew(7), biet(7)

    it's 2019 and people still haven't figured out to PICK YOUR SHARKS FIRST (unless that is supposed to be turb). that being said i think using turb as a shark is a solid choice; having him piledriving thru base with his connection speed should make for some entertaining fr battles; decent spids and mikks hot (ofc)

    Lag & Luck

    terr: mean(8)
    sharks: jam(10), olde(7)
    spiders: trash(10), crip(10), homo(8), ardour(7), caos(7)

    i could see meangene in the driver seat for base, trasher is too good at spid and seems more passive as a terr; i recall a game ealier this year where i had 4d to his 0 but we were able to pull out a win through aggro in fr (perhaps was just due to poor line tho); either way, with jam and crip's control of fr, don't see many problems with any lineup he goes with; definitely a contender

    Win | Die

    terr: bit(8)
    sharks: trip(8), joeses(8)
    spids: dw(10), kado(9), skat(9), jur(8), racka(7)

    Lots of options for terr, but few for shark. Must have missed the memo about picking sharks first as well (or perhaps they just looking towards other league which is fair too i suppose).


    terr: og(10)
    sharks: comm(10), mark(9)
    spids: nowon(10), davy(9), rab(8), rasaq(7), banks(7)

    solid sharks, aggressive spids and terr (both on/off the field lol); another team to get a lil anxious over


    terr: spook(8)
    sharks: hulk(10), wbm(9)
    spids: hk(9), rough(8), rucci(8), lock(7), felix(7)

    with hulk in front, we have some great options for 2nd shark: anyshippers wbm or hk and picking up willby as well. spids are good and i believe cap was able to capture a sleeper or two


    terr: heaven(9)
    sharks: morph(9), sprackle(7)
    spids: zizzo(9), vys(8), aprix(8), raples(8), maketso(8)

    if fish can crowdsource a new modem for sprackle, i think this team has more of a chance then ppl given them. morph is solid choice for lead shark and sprack can aim/time shrap better than anyone else in the game; solid spids and terr too