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    Pirates vs. Gryffindor
    Round 1

    beam (12-2) led Afri (12-6), Mythril (12-7), Murder, and Singer to a blowout victory, as the active group carried their momentum from the Quarter-Finals.

    Ogron (12-10) was the only player on Gryffindor to get over 6 kills, alongside Dak, Spezza, Rasaq and Kira.

    This went pretty much as I was worried it would. We fought hard to keep Pirates out of the playoffs Week 7, despite having ostensibly nothing to play for, given we considered them the biggest threat to us TWDT-D (especially given we were guaranteed to face them in Semis given their regular season record), and why I dropped an 18-9 on them in a tough 50-48 win, but they proved too strong against other squads and we couldn't keep them out. Combined with Commodo missing Round 1 and two weeks off with nobody practicing, and you have a quick end to your season in WB. rip.

    HOT: beam (12-2)
    HOT: Afri (12-6)

    NOT: Dak (4-10). Our 9-Star went 4-10 and 5-10, for an impressive 4.5 KPG that is rivaled only by the Canyonero.

    Pirates vs. Gryffindor
    Round 2

    Pirates advanced to the TWDT-D Finals in straight sets, as Singer (13-4) and beam (13-7) led the plunderers to the treasure, ahead of Afri, Mythril, and Murder.

    Spezza (11-10) looked good, but Ogron, Dak, Commodo, and Rasaq couldn't get it done.

    Congrats to Singer's team on reaching the Finals -- they played great!

    A well deserved berth, as they soundly outplayed us.

    HOT: Singer (13-4)
    HOT: beam (13-7)

    NOT: Rasaq (6-10). A pair of 6-10s after such a stellar season in warbird is disappointing, but on the brightside Rasaq can now spend more time with his family. In Sim 3. A videogame better suited to his reflexes.

    Haze vs. Fish
    Round 1

    Despite finishing #2, Haze lucked their way into the softer TWDT-D semi-finals matchup, taking on a 7-7 Fish team, and nearly losing it anyway, as two weeks of rust accumulation almost did them in.

    Thankfully, they had Iron Survivor, who put in a cataclysmic 19-8 to carry Ixador, Ra, Rough, and Zapata, despite none of them hitting 10 kills.


    Zizzo (12-10) and aprix (10-10) were stalwart, but Raples, Sprackle and regular season MVP vys were sub-par.

    HOT: Iron Survivor (19-8)
    NOT: Sprackle (5-10). Sprackle looked like the end result of a backseat romp between a stormtrooper and Mr. Magoo out there.

    Fish vs. Haze
    Round 2

    The Magikarps fought back, evening the series 1-1 with aprix (12-7), vys (12-9), morph (9-5), Zizzo (6-3), raples, and sprackle putting in a balanced effort to get the W.

    Lockdown (12-10) was the only Hazer firing lasers out there, as Felix/Iron/Rough/Zapata got tasered.

    HOT: aprix (12-7)
    HOT: vys (12-9)

    NOT: Rough (5-8). Rough got yanked faster than a premature ejaculator at a handjob convention.

    Haze vs. Fish
    Round 3

    This one went down to the wire, with Felix_da_Kat (12-7) somehow being the last man standing, eliminating 4 players and putting Haze into the TWDT-D Finals... wowza! That's some 6-star value right there.

    Iron Survivor (14-10), and Lockdown (11-10) provided support, which they desperately needed given Zapata died out 12 minutes before the match ended alongside Rough, who was an impressive 3-9.

    Fish had one chance, and that was for vys to go Super Saiyan, and he did not disappoint, dropping a Herculean 21-10. Zizzo (13-10) was also strong, but Sprackle and Morph were so unbelievably bad they lost anyway.

    HOT: Vys (21-10)
    HOT: Felix_da_Kat (12-7)

    NOT: Rough (3-9). It must be nice to go 5-8 and 3-9, get the easier semi match, and still make the finals despite actively sabotaging your own team with your own shitty play.
    NOT: Morph (2-10). How the fuck do you go 2-10 in TWDT against someone named felix_da_kat?
    NOT: Sprackle (3-10). Haven't seen many consecutive shitty performances since Nicholas Cage in his last 22 movies.


    Gryffindor vs. Haze
    Round 1

    Gryffindor bounced back from being ousted from TWDT-D, winning by 15.

    Spezza (12-9), Paradise (11-8), Commodo (9-5), Okyo (9-8) and Ogron (7-5) put in a balanced performance to take Round 1 of the match.

    Rough (10-10) was the only player on his squad to go plus, as Hulk, Iron, Lockdown, and Ra went neg.

    HOT: Spezza (12-9)
    HOT: Paradise (11-8)

    NOT: Ra (4-10). Like the female Ghostbusters reboot, Ra was a phantom out there and nobody found it funny.

    Haze vs. Gryffindor
    Round 2

    Hulk (16-9) and Rough (14-9) put in massive games to keep their jav season alive, leading Ra, Lockdown and Iron Survivor to the victory.

    Ogron (15-10) did all he could to close them out, but with only Commodo (10-10) hitting parity, it was all for naught.

    HOT: Hulk (16-9)
    HOT: Rough (14-9)
    HOT: Ogron (15-10)

    NOT: Kira_Yamato (5-10). Kira's Yamato cannon must have been misfiring, as he shot more blanks than a stunt coordinator on the set of John Wick.

    Gryffindor vs. Haze
    Round 3

    Gryffindor's best javelin showed up big round three, as Commodo (14-7) took over the game and led Okyo (10-9), Ogron (9-7), Paradise (9-8), and Spezza to the W.

    Hulk and Lockdown managed a pair of 10-10s, but it wasn't enough as Rough, Ra, and Iron were in the red.

    Congrats to Gryffindor on reaching the TWDT-J Finals!

    HOT: Commodo (14-7)
    NOT: Iron Survivor (4-10). Iron did not survive this one, and is now being sued for false advertising. Next you'll be telling me Hulk isn't 12 feet tall and green, and Nowon is actually someone.

    Lag & Luck vs. Fish
    Round 1

    The team tied for the top record in TWDT-J stormed out of the gate round one, taking the W.

    Ardour (17-6) exploded for Lag & Luck, leading Trasher (11-8), JAMAL, Afghan, and Mean Gene.

    On the losing side, only Zizzo (10-10) hit 1:1, as Morph, raples, sprackle and vys negged.

    HOT: Ardour (17-6)
    NOT: Raples (3-10). The one thing Raples wasn't violating, was the Prime Directive, as the peace-faring Starfleet captain refused to interfere in the development of the other team's success.

    Fish vs. Lag & Luck
    Round 2

    Vys (16-6) continued his TWDT heroics, leading Fish to a sumptuous second round upset, threatening the favorites with stellar play, ahead of Sprackle (10-9), Morph, Raples, and Zizzo.

    Lag & Luck saw a virtuoso performance from JAMAL (15-10) and some nice flashes from Mean Gene (12-10), but extremely poor play from Ardour (4-10) and Trasher (4-10) sunk them.

    HOT: Vys (16-6)
    HOT: JAMAL (15-10)

    NOT: Trasher (4-10).
    NOT: Ardour (4-10).

    Lag & Luck vs. Fish
    Round 3

    The expected result came to fruition, although not without ardour (hehehe), as Ardour (13-7) and Trasher (12-9) bounced back from their horrendous Round 2s, ahead of JAMAL (8-7), Mean Gene, and Afghan.

    Zizzo's team went from fish to fish food, as only Morph (11-10) and Raples (10-10) managed to reach parity, alongside Vys and Sprackle.

    And with that, Lag & Luck advances to face Gryffindor in the TWDT-J Finals!

    Great work!

    HOT: Ardour (13-7)
    HOT: Trasher (12-9)

    NOT: Sprackle (6-10). Sprackle failed to sparkle, and proved a useless figurehead unable to do anything useful. He's the Meghan Mackerel of the fish world.


    Pirates vs. Haze
    Round 1

    The bye appeared to hurt Haze, as they stumbled out the gate and got run over by Pirates, as Major Crisis (44-2) terred ahead of Rodney and Mythril in shark, with Murder (92), Henry (89), Kado, Singer, and Afri in spider.

    Spooky (36-3) had Hulk and Willby guarding his flanks, with WBM (89_, Rough, Lockdown, Ra, and RUCCI in spider.

    HOT: Major Crisis (44-2)
    HOT: Murder (92-41)

    Haze vs. Pirates
    Round 2

    Haze shot back round two, as Spooky (46-6), Hulk, Willby, WBM (119), RUCCI (115), Lockdown (112), Ra, and Rough pushed this series to three games.

    HOT: Hulk (2.9 RPD)
    HOT: WBM (119-77)
    HOT: RUCCI (115-70)

    Haze vs. Pirates
    Round 3

    Haze put the nail in Pirates coffin, as SpookedOne (35-9), Hulk, Willby, WBM, Rucci, Ra, Rough, and Lockdown snagged the win.

    Major Crisis (44-8) terred ahead of Mythril and Rodney in the loss, as Myth lost his 30th consecutive basing season ahead of Henry (115), Afri, Kado, Murder, and Singer.

    With the victory, Haze becomes the only team to make two finals this season, as TWDT, for the first time in awhile, features an eclectic mix of 5 different squads in the Finals!

    Congrats to Haze on the hard fought win!

    HOT: Hulk
    HOT: Ra
    HOT: Henry Saari (115-54)

    Win or Die vs. Gryffindor
    Round 1

    I'd argue these are the two best teams in TWDT-B, as Gryffindor got some pretty unlucky semi-finals seedings. And with Davy no showing for them, it meant 1 elite TWLB spider vs. 3 for WoD top, and the result was predictable.

    Win or Die ran roughshod over their opponents, with their spiders outkilling Gryffindor by 110 over two rounds, with Skatarius (90), Dreamwin, and Jurassic dominating over, ahead of Poseidon and Unlimited under, with bitsaver (42-3) in terr and Nipple/Joe in shark.

    Gryffindor featured Spezza, Okyo, Rasaq, Kira, and Banks in spider, with Ogron (41-8) in terr and Commodo/Mark in shark.

    HOT: Skatarius (90-37)
    HOT: bitsaver (42-3)
    HOT: Jurassic (89-53)

    Win or Die vs. Gryffindor
    Round 2

    Pretty much a carbon copy of round one, with Skatarius (114), Dreamwin, and Jurassic dominating ahead of Cape/Poseidon/Unlimited, with Nipple/Joe/Poseidon in shark, and bitsaver (39-3) in terr.

    Congrats to Win or Die on the victory, and a well deserved TWDT-B finals berth!

    HOT: Skatarius
    HOT: Dreamwin
    HOT: Jurassic


    I expect the warbird finals to be competitive, but I'd place my money on Pirates to win TWDT-D over Haze. They're firing on all cylinders, feature two TWLD teammates with good synergy, Singer is completely broken at 7-Star, and while Murder and AFRI aren't great, Murder is a veteran and AFRI eats 20 bullets a round to magically stay alive.

    Iron Survivor will have to go mental for them to have a chance. It's definitely not a foregone conclusion, as Lockdown and Zapata play 100 rounds of elim every week and are solid, but despite Felix's heroics this week, I still don't trust him, and Rough has struggled in WB. They could afford those bad scores against Fish; that won't be the case against Pirates.

    I won't comment on the TWDT-J Final since I'm in it, but it's the only final, IMO, featuring the two best teams in the league, as both Gryffindor and Lag & Luck posted the best records this season and have balanced teams without any major weaknesses.

    I think Win or Die will win TWDT-B. Their entire over is 3 elite TWLB spiders in Dreamwin, Skatarius, and Jurassic thanks to Dreamwin shadowcapping the team during the draft and nabbing players with broken star stars (Jurassic is a 9 who costs 8, bitsaver a 9 who costs 8, etc.), and another season of pumping out an extra 2-3 stars into the spider line by playing with an 8-star terr (after winning that way with Zizzo last season, and Power doing it with Heaven the season prior) has proven all-too-effective, sadly for high-star terrs in the league (for example, Win or Die played Cape in terr against us three weeks ago and we crushed them 15-1.)

    Hulk is the best shark in the league but I don't think it will matter. bitsaver is a big upgrade over Spookedone for the same price, and that overspider trio is broken as hell and runs teams over. I don't see how Haze wins.

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      Players of the Week

      WB of the Week: Iron Survivor (19-9, 13-7) & Beam (12-2, 13-7)
      Honorable Mention: Singer (13-4), Felix (12-7)

      Jav of the Week: Commodo (14-7, 9-5) & Ardour (17-6, 13-7)
      Honorable Mention: Ogron (15-10, 9-7), Hulk (16-9), JAMAL (15-10)

      Terrier of the Week: Spooky & bitsaver
      Honorable Mention: Major Crisis

      Shark of the Week: Hulk
      Honorable Mention: Joe/Nipple

      Spider of the Week: Skatarius & Dreamwin
      Honorable Mention: WBM, RUCCI, Spezza, Jurassic

      Player of the Week: Vys

      Vys went 21-10 and 12-9 in TWDT-D, then 16-6 and 9-10 in TWDT-J against superior opposition, and despite being eliminated from TWDT in all leagues, he went out with a bang.

      Previous Winners:

      WB: Casket, Ardour, Burnt, Beam, Singer, Vys/Ra, Iron Survivor/Vys, Racka, Iron Survivor/Beam
      Jav: Zidane, Commodo, Rough, Zidane/Racka, Uprise, Turban/Paradise, Kado/Okyo, Trasher, Commodo/Ardour
      Terrier: SpookedOne, Zizzo/Bitsaver, Bitsaver, Zizzo, Zizzo, Ogron, Trasher, Zizzo, SpookedOne/Bitsaver
      Shark: Hulk/Willby, Morph, JAMAL/Mr. Homo, Joeses/Nipple, Commodo/Markmrw, Hulk, Commodo/Rab, Mythril/Rodney, Hulk
      Spider: Cripple, Skatarius, WBM, Spezza/Jurassic, Cripple/Ra, Cripple, Davy, Skatarius/Henry Saari, Skatarius/Dreamwin
      POTY: Commodo, Trasher, Vys, Mythril, Ogron, Rough, Mythril, Kado, Vys
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        Nice write up dude

        Thanks for the HoNs, it has provided me with much lolz


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          Nice write up og!


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            dw aint showing vs haze

            cripple> if u had a better connection u wouldnt be good


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              Originally posted by Skatarius View Post
              dw aint showing vs haze
              Predictions assume full lines. apparently Beam and Murder aren't showing for Pirates, too.

              Without Beam and Dreamwin, I'd probably favor Haze in WB. Not sure too much changes in Base -- Cape has won a TWLB as a starting spider (Kawrae terred the S8 Finals). He's not much of a downgrade from DW, if at all. He slots in perfectly top, good aim and high basing IQ. Obviously Dreamwin's 130ms lagshield is a huge edge Cape doesn't have, but Skatarius/Jurassic/Cape top should still be pretty elite.

              Kinda troll I rebuilt our entire line trading for Paradise (to shark) so I could fit Davy into our line and play Spezza/Davy top specifically for the Win or Die matchup in the playoffs, and the two players who don't show up to the Semi-Final are... Davy and Paradise. And now the teams that beat us are throwing the finals and missing key players, lol.

              The TWDT-D and TWDT-B games should be entertaining, at least.
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                TWDT-D Champ x2
                TWDT-B Champ