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  • Commodo's Jav Preview

    I spent most of the afternoon writing this only to find out Singer has just published nearly the exact same predictions. Ah well, here it is anyway...

    Zizzo - Fried Liver Attack

    Line 1: Trasher, Zizzo, Ardour, Uprise, Sprackle
    Line 2: Trasher, Megaman89, Zizzo, Ardour, Henry Saari

    Subs: Geio, Kentaro, Shaw

    Zizzo has focused heavily on upper-midrange javs- Trasher, Ardour and Uprise, complimenting his own rating of 8*. All three picks have finished in the top 5 of recent seasons, which demonstrates Zizzo’s keen statistical insight. And whilst Zizzo took a late punt with MM89, his line in no way depends on the old-time Dice captain. The fact that Fried Liver Attack will not rely on 6 stars is also a real advantage. However, Zizzo may be looking to trade for a stronger 7* javelin, and the lack of a 10* could also be telling. And many of these players are very passive as well.

    Score: B-

    Zapata - Stray

    Line 1: Rough, Aprix, Major Crisis, Spectacular, i.d.
    Line 2: Rough, Ease, Major Crisis, Spectacular, Jebass

    Subs: mvp, Big Sean, Beast, cripple

    At first glance Zapata’s team looks a bit top heavy, with Ease and Rough falling into the double 10* trap. However, he has adjusted to this well - picking no 8* javelins, and polarising his draft with 7* picks instead. Pretty smart (lucky?) for a first time captain. I believe Rough and Ease, perhaps slightly jaded veterans, will be happy to bench for each other, and Aprix will play a great second fiddle to either player. The 10,9,7,7,7 formation looks most natural, with lots of depth at 7*. But reliance on 7*s is always risky, and I feel this team could be a little unstable.

    Score: B+

    Commodo - Spider

    Line 1: Commodo, Ro, Jamal, Odak, Scurvy
    Line 2: Commodo, Jamal, Nine, Odak, Poid

    Subs: Flew, Shaun, Heisman

    The natural strength of this team will of course come from Ro and me - both of us attacking players who can create space and opportunities for the team. But there are many unknown quantities to Spider, not least the capabilities of SVS newcomers Odak and Nine. These players do have exceptional multi-zone talent, however, and could prove massively under-repped. I also feel like Flew could have a break out season, with some impressive elim victories. I also think Poid and Scurvy are solid in the low star positions. I guess it’s just whether crude skill can translate into a team with chemistry, with many disparate and inexperienced javelins. The 6* may also come undone against more balanced lines.

    Score: A-

    Mean Gene - Giants

    Line 1: Turban, Skatarius, Mean Gene, Rasaq, Rojo
    Line 2: Turban, Iron Survivor, Spider Web, Rasaq, Rojo

    Subs: Ra, Vargi, Legacy

    Mean Gene has produced an arithmetically balanced line, with a very obvious 10,8,8,7,7 structure and plenty of options. Turban, probably the best javelin in TW currently, will spearhead the team and provide that X factor. The Giants also have 4 very capable 8* javelins, all of whom will be vying for the playoff spots. My personal pick of the bunch would be Skatarius, with his scary lag and good form. However, his activity can often be patchy. Rojo, another SVSer, is excellent value at 7* and can actually play aggressively, as opposed to many 7*s who invite pressure. Options on the bench and no obvious weakness.

    Score: A

    Zidane - Power

    Line 1: Zidane, Okyo, Kira, Ogron, TPZ
    Line 2: Zidane, Okyo, Hellkite, Ogron, TPZ

    Subs: Raples, Assembly

    At face value Zidane’s javelin team appears strong, with Zidane wisely avoiding any 9*s and drafting Okyo early as a solid 8*. But this belies a few problems with activity and the star values within this team. Zidane is essentially forced to play a 10,8,8,7,7 structure - but only has one natural 7* javelin (Ogron). Perhaps TPZ or Assembly can fill this role, but I think these javelins aren’t as good as others at this rating bracket. Moreover, Kira (probably the best 8* in draft) will be forced to play on a laptop during playoffs, meaning he is pretty redundant. Hellkite and Raples are, however, decent fill ins for the 8* spot. The main issue is 7*, and I’m sure Zidane will seek to trade or improve during the FA. Zidane will be doing more lifting for his team this season, but he is definitely capable of rising to that challenge.

    Score: B-

    Morph - Treyway

    Line 1: Cape, Morph, Mikkiz, Lockdown, Renzi
    Line 2: Racka, Morph, Mikkiz, Lockdown, Anonym
    Line 3: Racka, Cape, Morph, Amnesti (4v5)

    Subs: Amnesti, Unlimited, Poseidon

    Morph has failed to really demonstrate that he is worth his 9* rating tag, or indeed that he has the aptitude to lead a successful team. Accordingly, this line is a little confused. He has lots of high rated javelins - Racka, Cape, Amnesti and himself - but whether he can fit them into a coordinated line is a different matter. Some big personalities here, too. Furthermore, I think Mikkiz and Lockdown, with javelin as their 2nd ships, are good but not exceptional at their ratings. Mikkiz and Lockdown are also essential to the line - leaving Treyway very exposed in depth in the midrange. However Renzi has been playing really well, and Morph also picked the best 6* javelin (Anonym), which frees up a potential 10,9,8,7,6 formation. Overall, I feel like this team hinges a lot on whether Cape or Amnesti - who are both better than Morph - will really give enough to Treyway. Then again, this team - with no obvious weak player and some top talent - could cause some upsets and even contend for the title. And they could even attempt a crazy 4v5 line if all else fails.

    Score: B-

    Dreamwin - Terrorist

    Line 1: Dreamwin, Saiyan, Maketso, Destruct, Bram
    Line 2: Dreamwin, Saiyan, Paradise, Destruct, Nowon
    Line 3: Dreamwin, Saiyan, Paradise, Maketso, Myollnir

    Dreamwin, enjoying his newfound 9* rating, picked perfectly - resisting the likes of Rough and Racka at 10*, and instead packing his team with excellent 8s and 9s of TWLJ quality. First, he picked Saiyan, a player who may well push into the 10* bracket this season. Maketso and Paradise are both thoroughbred javelins who often rack up 10+ games. And Destruct, Bram and Spezza are some of the top 7*s in the zone. The only minor issue facing Terrorist is Paradise’s reckless aggression, but that’s what substitutions are there for, and maketso will no doubt show up for his Finnish compatriot. There are no weaknesses in this team; 9,9,8,7,7 is an optimal formation; AND they have tonnes of value at each rating, making Terrorist heavy favourites for the season.

    Score: A+

    Tiny - Pure Luck

    Line 1: Tiny, Steadman, Fram, Tripin, Mcvicar
    Line 2: Tiny, Steadman, Singer, Tripin, Yojimbo

    Subs: Banks, wbm

    Predicting anything regarding Tiny's team is probably an entirely meaningless task. In a few weeks, who really knows who will be on this roster? As it stands, though, I'd say Pure Luck have a great challenger team for the title. Tiny, Steadman and Singer are all in good form and reside at the higher end of the 9* spectrum. Singer has seemingly improved in his recent return to the game, and both Steadman and Tiny are incredibly strong performers. Tripin could be really good, but - like Paradise - can go out early by over-reaching on shots. It'll be up to Tiny to make sure he shows leadership with his low and mid stars, where he also lacks depth. If Tiny is to find success this season - something that has eluded him in recent past - then I feel like he needs to nurture his team more, and add during the FA, rather than trading constantly.

    Score: A-


    1-Dreamwin (A+)
    2-Mean Gene (A)
    3-Commodo (A-)
    3-Tiny (A-)
    4-Zapata (B+)
    5-Morph (B-)
    5-Zidane (B-)
    5-Zizzo (B-)

    Finally, good luck to all teams and captains!
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    Well written review, good job Commodo!
    1:RaCka> the only two bald guys i would kiss on the forehead is buddha and tiny............


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      Well written, except you put jebass over myself, Afghan, (mvp) and cripple who are all superior options in jav (even wirah) is a superior sub value as a 6star and saiyen will be nowhere near a *10 in jav in this year or next he is only half as good as you, weird of you to hype him up to be on the level of any top javelin when he has won nothing here yet, not even elim lol.
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        He put Jebass over yourself because he is a 6* and you're a 7*. Concerning Saiyan, he really started to play TW last year (or the one before) you can't use his achievements as argument.. I wouldn't be surprised if he's upgraded to 10* next season, he's very talented and also a smart cheater, he eat a lot thanks to an intensive play with the cable.