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    As we have our final two teams SPIDER and TREYWAY, going to give my thoughts in how the teams match up.

    MATCHUP: 1-1

    Leading the way for the Treywayians (dunno if that's grammatically correct) is 10th round 10* pick RaCka. Having logged double digits in almost all games during the 7 weeks and at least 3/4 of the games with 15+ kills (quite remarkable feat), Treyway will look to him to be the LBJ in the arena to lead the offense. Between Tripin and Lockdown I would suspect morph to run the latter, as he had excellent performances in DT-D finals before. In the 8* position it really is a toss-up between delectable and morph himself, as morph clearly has the higher skill ceiling but things could equally go as bad as shown with in a prior round. And then the main cause for concern arises for Treyway, in their 7* and 6* spots. The other debatable variation in season's Treyway lineup is at the 7 between renzi and zeebu while Unlimited has occupied his 6 spot. Although renzi has been slotted to play more often and had standout games, there had been times where he was equally susceptible to have a headshaking record whereas zeebu had always been consistent throughout the season. A fair amount of pressure falls on Unlimited's shoulders, to have another great outing like that 4-4 and stay safe for his leaders to do the damage.

    The top heavy aspect of this matchup no doubt falls in Treyway's favor due to RaCkas monster performances. Nevertheless, Spider holds the edge when it comes to overall lineup strength and weak links. Dak has been a reliable performer and I fully expect him to continue to occupy one of the 9* spots in the final matchup. If Flew shows, I guess he would be played over JAMAL to match the rushing pressure RaCka will be putting on them (also will be expecting Flew to be hunting Unlimited's head, similar to how Flew destroyed Jebass). ro is a key factor here, as he is a stronger warbird than either morph or delectable, will look for him to equate some of the scoreline if Dak/Flew fall behind the pace of RaCka/Lockdown. Jurassic has proven to be a reliable leading scorer time and time again and will outperform whoever will be slotted in, renzi or zeebu. And between POiD and Unlimited, the edge no doubt falls in Spider's favor.

    Although in the matchup head-to-head Treyway had a bigger win margin in their victory, Spider matches up better overall down the line. Most of the offense falls on RaCka and Lockdown's shoulders, as both need a good 12-13+ kills in case the lower stars falter. But who knows? RaCka could cook up another 20+ game like he did before.
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