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New Draft teams link (Website not updated yet)

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  • New Draft teams link (Website not updated yet)

    Hey guys, just posting this here, since I asked and ogron shared since website is not updated (check what team you're on!)


    Many thanks,

    Snes/yoast/harder/complify/da immigrant/beastie boys

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    Say im an OG that signed up the day of. Is there any way i can work my way into a lineup? i watched the whole draft and heard beam talk shit about literally everyone (except TJ its his birthday). i had to leave for work right before MMR time. if i missed the info in a previous post i apologize im too old to go through the archive. i just want to join Cig Smokes team.


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      Usually they do a free agent draft at start of season but you can't join a certain persons team unless they pick you first out of the free agents. I'd recommend asking one of the mods who are running this season to join that from my limited knowledge.


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        yeah this forum section is a cluster atm, but a pinned free agency signup thread should appear soon