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  • TWDT jav draft analyses

    While draft for wb resulted in at least competitive teams and each team really has to work hard to succeed, in javs, i feel there are bigger differences and one team really stands out for being in big trouble. Only 2 teams can boast having 2 9.5 or higher players in lineup. Lets get to it:
    [B][U](superstars and low vps)[/U]
    KOBE (9.5)[/B]
    Kobe looks very strong on paper for jav. Lead by 2 10 stars (best/zidane), it can nicely fit the most active jav player of last year hellzno! (8) (or cubone) together with some really underrated 7.5 (tpz/bike/rampage/riverside) and 6.5 star player (sarger/lee/kov). There is also alternative option in going for 2 7vp players, as there are plenty great options there as well (jessup/ekko/zapata/diakka/exalt). Best will have many options, so trying out lineups and finding the working combination may take time.

    [B]TREYWAY (9)[/B]
    Morph (9.5) and saiyan (10) can rely on skatarius (8.5) and list similar setup as Kobe, with 7.5 (wbm/jack) and 6.5 (groan/product/rylo/klean-x) filling the line. Alternative option would be lining 2 7 star players (apt/clefairy/warthog). There is also wild option if sprackle (8 vp) shows, which could mean either 6 star player entering the scene (L-A-S-E-R/silvertongue), but that would be risky. What i can see as of some weakness is 7.5 star players, jack hasnt been that great in duelling lately and wbm showrate is always a question.

    [U][B](balanced all around)[/B][/U]
    [B]OUTLAW (9)[/B]
    Outlaw is a very interesting team, that in ideal conditions can be even contender for title, they have several strong javs, but alot of questions about their activity. If maketso (9.5) shows, then together with vys (9) 2 8vps (zizzo/iron survivor) and 7.5 (dwop/spectacular/delos), they can make a team without any real weak links and some underrated players. Alternative option is using Ardour (8.5) ,1 8vp and 1 7vp (mvp/dutch baser). If maketso does not show though, their max vps will reach 41, which means they can struggle against top teams.

    [B]TERRORIST (8.0)[/B]
    Terrorist, just like in wb, also feels a bit thin in jav. Their ideal lineup would see dreamwin (10vp), hypocrit (9) teamed up with 2 8 star players (aggi/geio/draft/limit) and 7 star player (props/famous/henry saari). I feel like it depends alot on props showing up, do not feel like famous or henri are worth 7vps in jav. They could replace 8 and 6 with 2 7.5 players, but there is only Dak available. Time will tell how they do, but they feel like weaker compared to teams analyzed before.

    [B]HELMET (9.5)[/B]
    Helmet has really some options available for them. LD has drafted well for both wb and jav and this team will be contender. Racka (9.5) can play with 2 8.5 stars (crazy canockout/hulk/bombed) 8 vp lockdown (clever not to have subs for yourself :D) and 7,5 (ra/heaven). Seems like pretty strong freq with no weak links. There is also strong alternative option going with racka, uprise (9), 8.5 player, lockdown and 7vp player (beam/beast/king baba). Both ways, it really feels like a balanced freq with plenty of skills to decide games.

    [U][B](cant even get to max vps)[/B][/U]
    [B]NIGHTMARE (7.5)[/B]
    As it stands, gen x team cannot really fill a freq for 42 vps. Sure, it is not end of world, but shows less planning and math skills in draft and theoretically also going into ever game with a handicap.
    Mythril and roiwerk (9vps) can be lined up with aprix (8.5) and 2 7.5vp players (flew/cripple/zeebu). Everyone else is even lower rated in jav and also roi was only picked in 9th round, so maybe he is not the strongest 9vp out there. Feels like one of the weakest jav teams out there.

    [B]GRYFFINDOR (8)[/B]
    I would give ogrons team a bit higher rating, although they have the same issue as Nightmare. This is mainly, because I feel like their top lineup is actually pretty decent and can hold its own. Even if everyone shows, they can only fill max to 41.5 vps though. That lineup would include 2 9vp players (tiny/kado), kim (8.5) and 2 7.5 players (absurd/renzi/rasaq). And thats about it, everyone else is also rated below 7.5 on ogrons team.

    [B]RAPID (6)[/B]
    If once can excuse gen x and ogron for maybe missing some 0.5 higher rated player somewhere, then violence draft was completely puzzling for jav. Max vps they can achieve is 39.5. Even if all those guys are super underrated, it just does not give much hope to their jav dreams. Jurassic and Mikkiz (both 8) are their top players with bugyswartz (8.5), rest of teams are 7.5 (banks, tripin, siaxis, aselsan) or lower.

    I feel like jav has a bit more clear favorites and some teams that look weaker than others compared to wb. Of course, trading and FA draft is still ahead and violence can still probably still turn this around.
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    Place your bets on what aggi's true jav rating is.


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      [QUOTE=Rab;n1361242]Place your bets on what aggi's true jav rating is.[/QUOTE]

      o dear...



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        [QUOTE=Rab;n1361242]Place your bets on what aggi's true jav rating is.[/QUOTE]

        Based on my games against aggi and dwop, i feel like 7.5 is good rating for both. There are games, where they do really great, but also games where they can be first ones out with 4-10 rec. I think they are both potentially much higher, but inconsistency makes them rated lower. Then again, based on my own experience, for mid and low-tier javs, it is super important with whom you play and how you connect to rest of team. Top-tier jav still does their stuff no matter the team, but mid-tiers can be really sucky with some players and excel with others. Sometimes teamwork is there, sometimes you feel like you are being hunted entire game without support and die multiple times before even reaching base.