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  • TWDT base draft analyses

    And now its time to look at base. As more complex setup and less knowledge for myself as base is rarely played at euro times, I am bound to do some mistakes, but bare with me. Teams in order as they were drafted:

    [B]KOBE [/B]
    Allaround Kobe feels pretty strong and balanced team. Having 2 winners from last twdtb (Ekko and Lee), shark duo of Zs and sarger leading the spiders. There is also alternative of using riverside as shark, with 7star spider (bike/rampage/kov), which could work even better, but I understand there is already some drama going around with riverside?
    It all comes down to teamplay and if starting lineup will show, having no-show for any 8.5 or higher ranked player will automatically cause problems. Also zapata is one of the lowest ranked starting sharks, how will that go?
    [COLOR=#c0392b]Ekko (9)[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#2980b9]zidane (10)
    zapata (7.5)[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#009900]sarger (10)
    tpz (8.5)
    diakka (8.5)
    hellzno!/best (8)
    lee (7.5)[/COLOR]

    While Gen X may have face some issues in duelling leagues, his base lineup is very formidable. Having perhaps one of the strongest spider pairing (mouse and cripple) accompanied by mythril and liz in sharks and rage probably having to terr himself or then switching places with aprix and spider. Lets see how low stars will perform under, with warrior, lai, kassius and flew most likely options there.
    [COLOR=#c0392b]Gen X(8.5)[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#2980b9]mythril (9.5)
    liz (8.5)[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#009900]cripple (10)
    mouse (9.5)
    rucci (8)
    aprix (8)
    warrior/flew/kassius/lai (7)[/COLOR]

    Morph has put together very strong potential starting roster. Only big question remains about sprackle. I do not see any other sharks on team, if he fails to show I have no clue, who would play that position. Maybe someone smarter can help here. Also looking at roster, i do not see other 6.5 star players than product, who could hold that under role worthy of vps. But i guess key people show-ups will be issue for all teams.
    [COLOR=#c0392b]apt (8.5)[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#2980b9]morph (8.5)
    sprackle (9.5)[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#009900]skatarius (9.5)
    saiyan (10)
    jack/wbm (8.5)
    groan/clefairy (8)
    product (6.5)[/COLOR]

    Outlaw has room to manouver. Maketso being the joker, if he shows or not, can allow them to move players around, but still, outlaw was one of 2 teams, i could not find a working lineup for 69 total vps. With maketso showing, outlaw can field 68.5, without him even less. Outlaw does have quite a few versatile players like mvp, zizzo, who can play multiple ships well, so this should help them with replacing potential absentees. Not a bad team, but quite often 8vp under spider can be controlled by lower vp under as well, but having 2 9+ spiders on top can make a difference, so time will how well they will do.
    [COLOR=#c0392b]maketso (9.5)[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#2980b9]dwopple (9.5)
    markmrw (8)[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#009900]zizzo (9)
    mvp (8)
    dutch baser (8)
    jammu (8)
    vys (8.5)[/COLOR]

    I was looking at terrorist lineup and sorry, i could not find any terrier in their lineup. Is dreamwin going to terr himself or is there someone I missed? In any case, terrorist is the other squad, who cannot even fill up 69 vps on board with 68.5 being max. It is not really looking that promising. Also if Dw is terring, there is only aggi left for top spiders and although being superstar lately, there is just a limit a person can carry.
    [COLOR=#c0392b]dreamwin (10)[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#2980b9]joeses (9)
    cig smoke (8)[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#009900]aggi (9.5)
    hypocrit (8.5)
    henri saari (8)
    draft (8)
    dare (7.5)[/COLOR]

    Ogrons team has to carry the weight of having 10 star terrier, which will always make things a bit harder. To compensate high value terr, he chose to use mid-field sharks and hope for strong spiders to carry for victory. Their top spider lineup is scary and can do some real damage, they also have some pretty solid 7vps to put to under, so when it comes to fight in base, they will be strong.
    [COLOR=#c0392b]ogron (10)[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#2980b9]omega red (8)
    jackie (7.5)[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#009900]absurd (10)
    renzi (9)
    brethal (9)
    kado (8.5)
    7-star (tiny/merc/rozay/kim) (7)[/COLOR]

    Helmet team i think is my favorite team of all. Tried finding some weak spots, but it does not have. They got hulk, who absolutely smashed it in last finals, heaven making comeback, very strong spider lineup, carried by one and only tj. So team to definitely watch.
    [COLOR=#c0392b]heaven (9)[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#2980b9]beam (7.5)
    hulk (10)[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#009900]bombed (9.5)
    lockdown (9)
    tj hazuki (8.5)
    ra (8)
    uprise (7)[/COLOR]

    Last but not least Rapid. If violences duelling lineups are questionable, he definitely made a great team for base with versatility and different lineup set-up options, as always, some seriously underrated players as well to be placed in game. Instead of 8 and 7 star, they can easily also field public assassin and siaxis, both 7.5 in base.
    [COLOR=#c0392b]mikkiz (10)[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#2980b9]violence (8.5)
    willby (9)[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#009900]jurassic (9)
    frozen throne (9)
    banks (8.5)
    tripin (8)
    jz/bugy (7)[/COLOR]

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    great work lee, thanks for the write-ups in all 3 leagues!
    TWL History TWDT History Cup History

    Top 100 Basers Winningest 10-Stars Best Terr Seasons


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      Enjoyed reading these, thanks bruce!


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        This is a really good write up, ty Lee

        imo (8-72 as C), TWDT is a spider game. Stacking powerhouse spids makes sense to me. Hulk might be the only shark rn that can make nme team/sharks pay consistently throughout da match, and force a team to switch to higher rated sharks.

        Edit: o ye sprackil-sniffer a shark thats constantly on offense 2
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          [QUOTE=Riverside;n1361277]This is a really good write up, ty Lee

          imo (8-72 as C), TWDT is a spider game. Stacking powerhouse spids makes sense to me. Hulk might be the only shark rn that can make nme team/sharks pay consistently throughout da match, and force a team to switch to higher rated sharks.[/QUOTE]

          Whether you're right or wrong is irrelevant, but I always find it funny when someone bad says something like this and disrespects 90% of the people playing a ship. Show some respect to the rest of the sharks (nearly all of which are better than you) you fkin clown.


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            Good job on all the write ups. Makes me think back on all that you did for EG back when you ran leagues and lead Trespass. Doing the write ups helps get a better idea of the players for yourself and creates good excitement as you know well. It’s too bad this game is active during euro hours anymore because I know you’d be at the same level as all the other recent EG converts!
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              Great write up Lee. With the modified ratings I have no idea who will win this season. Lots of great value players who were reduced that could pop off.
              It's gonna be a blood bath.
              absurd> havnt seen ekko miss in 20 mins;\