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  • You don't want to read this.

    Don't say I didn't warn you.... :P

    I only edited out unfunny boring stuff that you don't care about.


    1:Predator Rulez> Dim got older now.. and wiser
    1:dim <ER>> I now speak old english.
    1:Akkaid <ER>> I am a month older than Dim
    1:dim <ER>> Yeah, but I have 657 strands of pubic hair.

    1:Leaf> LOL
    1:dim <ER>> Don't ask, I got bored on the train,.
    1:dim <ER>> It's probabaly 659 now actually.

    1:Leaf> lol
    1:Leaf> Pred has 1 long one $

    1owndraft <ER>> <- has 7 inch long nipple hairs
    1:Predator Rulez> ?
    1:Leaf> LOL

    1owndraft <ER>> <- born near a nuclear power plant
    1:Predator Rulez> :/

    1:dim <ER>> OMG DOWN IM HARD NOW
    1:Leaf> rofl
    1:Predator Rulez> eww dim
    1owndraft <ER>> IM NOT JK, ITS TRUE

    1:Predator Rulez> loggd
    1:Leaf> Forum sigged dim

    1owndraft <ER>> one day i was at the beach, looked at my left nipple and saw lots of hairs, i stretched them and the longest was almost 7 inch long
    1:dim <ER>> wow
    1owndraft <ER>> naturally a friend of mine got jealous and ripped it off

    1:dim <ER>> I still have an erection down, you know if you...
    1:dim <ER>> want to?

    1:Leaf> Lol
    1:Leaf> NO

    1owndraft <ER>> (call me stud)
    1:dim <ER>> it's only illegal if we get caught stud.
    1:dim <ER>> unless we're in ireland, they don't allow anal.
    1owndraft <ER>> impossible!

    1:dim <ER>> dont say its impossible
    1:dim <ER>> we can make it work

    1:dim <ER>> with a little bit of effort, and lube./

    1owndraft <ER>> oh ur on
    1owndraft <ER>> okz, imma log in with my super secret elim name and rank it
    1owndraft <ER>> with me luck brunettes

    1:Akkaid <ER>> i love you pred
    1:Akkaid <ER>> lol

    1:Predator Rulez> Dock and I are buddies.. he helped me out
    1:Predator Rulez> and I gave him sexual pleasure
    1:Leaf> Oh right
    1:Predator Rulez> .. So fear
    1:Leaf> Forgot completely <smacks head>
    1:Predator Rulez> it's a wonder dock isn't yelling right now
    1:Predator Rulez> normally hes would be like "wtf"
    1:Predator Rulez> he must be truly afk
    1:Predator Rulez> *looks around*

    1:Predator Rulez> Someone do a little dance for me.. i'm bored
    1:Predator Rulez> nvm.. i'll just go and bug M_m
    1:Predator Rulez> !tell M_M god:how to shoot
    1:RoboHelp> Told M_M god about how to shoot.
    1:M_M God> wtf
    1:M_M God> you bitch
    1:Leaf> !tell m_m:who is pred
    1:RoboHelp> Sorry, no matches.
    1:M_M God> !tell predator rulez:what is stfu
    1:Predator Rulez> lol
    1:RoboHelp> Told predator rulez about what is stfu.

    1:Predator Rulez> !tell M_M:dont tell me anything you ez newbie gg owned sit kthnx
    1:RoboHelp> Sorry, no matches.

    1:Predator Rulez> cpt should add that tell
    1:Predator Rulez> .. could be usefull

    1:M_M God> !tell predator rulez:bangbangbang
    1:RoboHelp> Told predator rulez about bangbangbang.

    1:Predator Rulez> HE LOVES ME
    1:Predator Rulez> <4
    1:Predator Rulez> <3

    1:M_M God> <121432135 - Web Hosting Services
    qan> dock's raw animal magnetism and sheer ability to reboot bot cores inspires lust in all genders :P
    3:wadi> no yawning on the internet.

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    EvoLd> Roboqueen died again?
    cool koen> :)
    PRiMORDiAL> pfft
    cool koen> not because of a bug
    EvoLd> Lol
    Treachery> meh
    EvoLd> why then?
    PubAceR> women in power dont last
    EvoLd> LOl
    toaster oven reviews


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      Dim is sexay


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        DoCk> you are invited to the cool and popular Corvez chat! Type ?chat=corvez to join

        internet de la jerome

        because the internet | hazardous


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          Thats funny... <insert laughing icon here>


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            There is no one on it Jerome
            Jason> God said, "Heh, I'm gonna give Eve some nice titties."
            Dyers eve> God wanted me to have nice titties?
            Superstar> Yes eve, he does want you to have nice titties. To bad he placed them on the wrong spot. Cup C size balls.


            Greetz Dyers eve


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              DoCk> pretends to be afk so he can spy on chat :P


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                LOL, DoCk>....when you say "You don't want to read this." that makes people want to read it....but that was funny.
                Ban Ikrit


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                  Originally posted by Jerome
                  DoCk> you are invited to the cool and popular Corvez chat! Type ?chat=corvez to join


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                    I really thougt for once dock was afk and NOT behind his computer... thank god he didn't get the part we were trying to rape Robo Ref... $ BOOYA


                    Ps. Dock banned
                    Under <ZH>> pred i want to taste your man juice!!!
                    Originally posted by Cig Smoke
                    Pred > JRA > the rest of u


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                      When I saw "You don't want to read this" by DoCk> I was expecting a thread about TW being shut down.
                      USS Banana after years of superior jav play has amassed 17999 kills, he is 1 kill away from 18k, Type ?go Javs FOR A GAME OF HUNT (no scorereset) -Kim
                      ---A few minutes later---
                      9:cool koen> you scorereseted
                      9:Kim> UM
                      9:Kim> i didn't
                      9:cool koen> hahahahahahaha
                      9:ph <ZH>> LOOOOL
                      9:Stargazer <ER>> WHO FUCKING SCORERESET
                      9:pascone> lol?


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                        this is why our zone is so crappy.
                        1:koan> indy is like being skinny and liking weird music
                        1:tRICERATOPS> just a bunhc of faggots is all being indy is
                        1:koan> we cant talk about this infront of castro
                        1:koan> he's going to see this and be like WTFZ im a skinny vegeterian white dude with selective music tastes


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                          Originally posted by Twerp

                          DoCk> pretends to be afk so he can spy on chat :P
                          This isn't only dock.. it's a skill every smod (or higher) has to master. I've seen players get smod and turn into a PLANT, they become all silent.. it's a true skill they gotta learn... odd .. but it's the truth
                          Under <ZH>> pred i want to taste your man juice!!!
                          Originally posted by Cig Smoke
                          Pred > JRA > the rest of u


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                            This log does not transcend the log rule.


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                              I definately need to get on staff chat
                              I don't know how to put this but I'm kind of a big deal...