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    Hello Trench Wars Community. I am having some struggles on recovering my name Limit as it has been a very long time since I have used it. I have moved a few times, built multiple computers, new ISP’s over the years.

    I have spoken with the Billing Operators and they have mentioned that it is possible if I get help from the community to vouch for me.

    I am Loki23 < - > Limit < - > Hurricane

    I have played on all 3 of these names for many hours in leagues and public games. Again, calling all Trench Wars Community to help vouch for me to get my name back.

    Thanks for your time in reading and supporting me in my quest.


    Subnova Owner

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    To whom it may concern,

    I am the Head Ban Operator of Trench Wars and have been for maybe.... two years at this point? Either way, I've played sine roughly 2001 and I can vouch that the username "Limit" does belong to this gentleman.

    Hope this helps. Take care.
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      all 3 aliasis r same pirsin


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        Loki23 Limit Hurricane, give the man his name back.


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          +1 vouch
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            As tw current greatest player (ask ogron to verse you with spreadsheet if you disagree), I vouch for hurricane.
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              Vouching for Hurricane. Loki23 = Hurricane = Limit.


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                Welcome back buddy!
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                  ffs I would love to know who you talked to tried to get mine back everyone knows who the fk i am lmao but i gave up my ole handle gratefully whats in a handle its in skill
                  Break that chain lol