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  • Ignite/Jordan Bryan Hopkins Pedo

    That’s right, at 27 years old, ignite blackmailed a 16 year old girl he was in love with. After he left subspace he paid a lot of money for someone to train him to play World of Warcraft. The reason we don’t hear about him is because his entire bloodline was doxxed and he probably ball killed himself in the safe zone. Proof? I got ya. Grab some popcorn and check out the links.
    Jordan Hopkins, more commonly known as Bailamos, a partnered streamer and a Ranked 1?World of Warcraft player however legitimate his achievements. But today we are most definitely not here to discuss his "achievements". In case you guys didn't know yet, I am Yuri Yugure. I main a healer and most of my toons are…

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    Here is his doxxed information and more entertainment. It’s definitely him. Go on YouTube and search up Bailamos WoW. The nerd would dress up in a suit and tie and stream on twitch. Harassing a 16 year old girl.


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      happened to this game too.


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        double post. ignore. but yea, ask around--happened to this game..