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    A random thought popped in my head earlier. If 2 people have away messages on, and one of them messages the other one.. Will the away messages just keep replying to each other..?

    2:Kaiten> All the black in me is concentrated in my dick

    getting pw> Rub it in more please
    No one can> i would if i could
    Lemmin> she likes it when you rub it in

    getting pwned sucks. So much so, that this event is created to honour her. ?go wormhole -H.M.S. Stargazer

    (*friend*)>camera adds 5 pounds to everyone
    (*friend*)>even cocks
    :* me *: ROFL

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    Nope. There is a slight delay... probably to stop this event from occurring.

    So if you set an away message then someone spams you constantly, they won't get your response every time.
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