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Hockey Zone Beer League, Season 5

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  • Hockey Zone Beer League, Season 5

    Hello Trench Warriors!

    My name is Alastria, and I've been around Subspace since the beginning, and I was one of the ones who helped begin Hockey Zone 25 yrs ago.

    I wanted to let you all know that signups are underway for Season 5 of Hockey Zone Beer League. Like past seasons, we accept all players of any skill level. Team captains are encouraged to give playing time to anyone who shows up to games. Beer League is simply about lacing up the skates and having a good time.

    There are some big rule changes this season. As always, we do what we can to prevent players from our main league, RSHL, from being ringers and upsetting the competitive balance. Last season, we tried to combat that by assigning RSHL players a value of up to 6 pts based on skill, and then prevented a team of having more than a certain number of points on the ice. But that system was overly complicated and rife with abuse.

    Instead, our new system has two parts. First, we are preventing RSHL players (those who had 1-3 skill pts last season) from playing in the ships they normally play in. They are now classified as Vets. Second, top RSHL players (4-6 skill pts last season) will be classified as SuperVets, and they will be forced into only playing in heavily-nerfed SuperVet ships. The weasel will be reserved as a SV ship for offense, and the shark reserved as a SV goalie.

    All other settings, including the other 6 ships will be no different from RSHL, so if you'd like to use BL to learn HZ and eventually try your hand at RSHL, you'll feel right at home. And for those who miss the slapshot power of weasel, I'd recommend the jav. It has a lot of similarities.

    If you'd like to sign up, head over to the rosters page, click on a team, and Apply to Join. You can also go to and join our Discord, where we have lively discussions about what viop is saying.

    Cheers! 🍻 Hope to see you in HZ!
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    Ty 4 this i haf signed up


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      VETERAN SIGHTING: Alastria
      1:Riverside> you guys eat schmores in america?


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        Thanks Alastria for posting. If you're looking for a team - happy to help guide any TWers to HZ and get you some playing time. Just message me here or ingame