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    On the cusp of TWL finals this is just an appreciation post to those that still play and keep the game alive. I've played the game for a long time. my usage shows 2003 but that was my second name i used hockeydude60 before that for a couple years. This was my first online game i ever played and i just wanted to take a second and show some love for the game that had a huge impact in my life growing up(my gallery pic was an absolute joke). Everyone has a story of how they got into the game and mine was most likely no different from a lot of OG's. The person who showed me the game was a family friend who was older than me and used to babysit me. He would log on to the computer while watching me and i would just sit and watch him as he played. Im assuming no one knows him as he only used to play Jav in Elim back in the day but he went by Dragun or Dragunssj4. He had old ties to Oynx way back when but never competed in TWL (only people i can think of that might remember him are Ease and Kim). I finally made an account at 11 years old as hockeydude60 and played for a couple years not knowing anything about the game but as i played i became friends with people in the community and started basing as it was forming in the twl (lunch_3 was the best spid). What i think got me out there the most was hosting Trench Wars Radio back in the day using winamp (It really whips the lamas ass) with people like ajaxee. I started focusing on basing but was always on the outside squads looking in like Rejected Basers and Basing Crew (RIP dads revenge... Bohemian). I had my fill being a ZH and ER for a while, Hockey <ER> used to throw the best hockey games in TW. This rant goes on and i apologize to anyone that took the time to read it but i just wanted to give my swan song to the game after so many years of playing. This was the best space i could think of. The thing i take the most credit for is introducing the game to Frozen Throne. He was my best friend's little brother and im so glad hes been such a pivotal person in the scene for alot of years. I hope ram ranch wins twlb so i can take some of the credit. In closing again i just wanna say i appreciate everyone who still plays and keeps the game active.

    PS Goddess always loved me most J-B-Inc