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    Removed due to my unpopularity, I tried to bring entertainment and I failed, my critics were right. Anyone else is welcome to try. - Disliked
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    Does the acronym must follow the order of the words?
    Lust is to the other passions what the nervous fluid is to life;
    it supports them all, lends strength to them all ambition, cruelty, avarice, revenge,
    are all founded on lust.

    Marquis de Sade


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      If a mod could kindly delete this thread, thank you.
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        Emphasis on PRIVATE MESSAGING him.
        Failure teaches success.


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          wow disliked actually made precautions as to not get the topic closed for spamming. :bigups:
          thread killer

          Also who changed to pw to Squadless, how am I supposed to fly the banner of sucking at the game


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            Regular acromania isn't exactly fun. It's more of a 80 year old man in a retirement home game, we might as well just play bingo while we're at it.

            Thrashing> "That'll be 25.99, thank you for buying, please come again"
            Thrashing> "LET'S FUCK!"
            Thrashing> Like that, Ott?
            Catgirl> rofl
            Missy> o.O im so leaving this chat

            Kim> hal, say fit of rage sucks ballz
            fit of r> here, i'll do it for you
            fit of r> I SUCK BALLS
            Kim> loool
            fit of r> I LOVE BIG HAIRY MAN BALLS


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              What is "too abusive?" Please explain. Eg. "sex" is allowed etc.
              this is a dated signature

              FREE GHB, PH


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                A pointless post, delete me please.
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                  people, try to think up a word starting with Q other than queer, when a Q pops up in the acro...

                  Originally posted by Disliked
                  Imagine a world without morals... it would be like the tw community
                  +++ Divide By Cucumber Error. Please Reinstall Universe And Reboot +++


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                    WTF IS YOUR SS NAME?
                    IS IT DISLIKED COS ?find disliked :huh:
                    (castromarx)>reaver, accord and i are busy playing with our balls

                    1:JAMAL> just farted smells good as fuk

                    Argentina> weeeee oooooh weeeee oooooh
                    Argentina> look at me kids!
                    Argentina> I'm an ambulance!


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                      FREE MANDELA


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                        Originally posted by Accord
                        WTF IS YOUR SS NAME?
                        IS IT DISLIKED COS ?find disliked :huh:
                        McVities, thank you Accord.
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