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Remove cram on one twbd map

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  • Remove cram on one twbd map

    just widen the entrance or some other small tweek to remove cram, lets see how it goes.

    reasons to:

    1. something new
    2. might be more fun

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    I've been suggesting for awhile we make the cram entrance like 1 tile wider.
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      still waiting on wzl with brick too :<


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        I agree with this, cram is by far the least interesting aspect of basing.

        FR battles are way better
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          +1 from me. Nothing to lose by trying something a bit different.
          I'm trying to turn this from talk into action by actually drawing some of these ideas. If you imagine it differently please add yours.
          There are a few ways to do it, here are some that come to mind.
          I think (c) is the one that fixes the issue without too strongly favouring the defender.

          a) widening the entrance.

          b) flattening the flag bar by moving the ends up.

          c) flattening the flag bar by moving the flag down.
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            removing a grand total of two tiles would make such a big difference. it would make it much easier to shoot into cram and deal with corner camping. most players, i daresay 95% or greater, agree that there should be more flag room battles as they are the most exciting part of the game.


            to make it easier, you guys can pester Wirah or Qan to use to grab the edited ?go TWBD2 file and have it get uploaded.


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              What I thought about that was it removes the corner spots the terr currently pushes into. So I think the bullets coming down are gonna be the problem. Nothing against trying that idea and/or others to find out for real tho.

              Just marking the change, adding a terr to demonstrate my point, and labelling it (d).

              d) turban's idea