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  • Interference / false reporting


    There is at least one player (several aliases) who keeps ruining pub games by intentionally getting TK'd and harassing levs and other bombing ships. I have only known this to be enforced against once. It basically takes at least 2 players out of a player count balanced pub team and completely kills the game (even moreso than freespirits freespiriting and brazilians sitting in spawn). This is not only interference, but false reporting/abuse. Should be grounds for permaban. I know this individual was warned in the past, but continually does it. This game needs to flush the toilet of these low IQ unstable players and/ or the game needs more love.
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    tbh being a lev is like your team having -1 player, so tking a lev makes no difference to the team size.
    maybe the lev will spec and team gets someone useful instead, could be public service.
    should be a limit on levs anyway, teams with 2 levs always lose, and players recognise this and leave and you get 2v10.


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      Typical wb supremacist banter. Get a job and stop storming the capital