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Sharks who have the magic energy tree

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  • Sharks who have the magic energy tree

    There are some sharks in pub who can thrust half way across the lower base and bomb. Sends a really fast bomb, like a jav bomb with rocket active.

    How do they do it?

    When I thrust even just a little bit there isn't enough energy left to bomb.

    They also always seem to have max shrap.

    Their bty is 3, suggesting they didn't buy.

    They usually activate the ball power up coz that makes it even stronger, but the fast bomb thing works even if they aren't carrying the ball.

    Looks like cheating to me, but according to staff it isn't, but staff won't explain how it's done.

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      Your video post shows two attached sharks. One bombing, one thrusting. No magic involved. It's a pretty easy explanation.

      Looks like crying and another irrelevant post to me.


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        oh yeah the video does make it look like that, the guy was doing it even without the other shark attached, imagine it's not the guy who's attached bombing.