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    Hi Everyone,

    It's that time of year again when we pester Santa with our wish lists. Whether you're looking for that new comprehensive warbird guide by O'Reilly or peace for all on earth, we want to hear from you!

    As is tradition, we will feature your wishes on our holiday map! Won't Santa be surprised when he drops in for a quick pub match! Here are some frequently asked questions:

    How can I submit my letter?
    • Reply to this thread
    • Send to me via in-game ?message. Note: If your message is too long it will be truncated. Use a paste bin like if you need more space.
    How long do I have? When is the deadline for letters?

    Letters are due absolutely no later than Friday, December 16th at 5PM Eastern. Anything after this time will not be considered.

    How unfiltered/extra can I be?

    Please keep all comments to the realm of PG-13. TrenchWars reserves the right to not print your message (or redact it) if it is deemed inappropriate.

    I think that covers the finer points. Thanks for participating, and Happy Holidays from all of us at TrenchWars!

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    Hurrit pois Suomesta


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      Happy Day of Birth to my Homie Jesus Christ, R'Amen, I wish my pal Y0gi and Sulla the best on their engagement, I'm grateful to have met such a loving c0uple, shout out to Best for being such giant sack of potatoes, I'd like to thank 21 Savage for turning me into what I am today, Shout out to ?go Training for making me arguably one of the greatest ship flyers to ever breath in this zone, I hope everyone has a great Christmas, Oh and if you see this you should probably quit smoking Cigarettes in 2023. Much Love -Frog


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        All I want for Christmas is a new server. -TPZ


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          Dear Santa,

          How are you? Anyway, enough chit-chat.

          1. phone projector
          2. wireless charging station
          3. rechargeable hand warmer


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            Dear Santa,

            If Pawner hasn't broken your jaw and you're well enough to make your way to the trenches then all I ask for is peace between Best and TW. Merry Christmas everyone!


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              Dear Santa,

              You may not know what I want, but Dwopple does.



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                Dear baby jesus,

                Please let me win the lottery so I can play tw 24 / 7. I love this game. Way more than Creature does.

                Ogron - "Lifetime Achievement Award recipient for 10* attitude [Ardour]"

                ranked #2 in ogrons signature of: TWL's most irrelevant nobodies pubtrash bozos with 0 titles.

                TWLD Season 19 #70th Best Warbird
                TWLB Season 19 #56th Best Spider

                TW Greatest no-shipper 2002 - Present


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                  Explain why this needs to be PG-13 when you literally have blowjob drawings on the Trenchwars help guide made by Steadman?



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                    Dear Santa,

                    All I want for Christmas is for there to be peace in pub chat. However, since I know there is no magic strong enough to make that happen, I'll settle for a bottle of Blanton's and BIET's aim.


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                      Dear Santa,

                      Please allow @fartsniffer & @charliehorser to participate in mmr games once in a while. For The Data.


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                        Dear Santa,

                        Can we have less representation for pub and more authoritarianism and autocracy?

                        Best wishes,
                        Mythril> when i met ease in 2001 he was a gameboy
                        Shaw> it was sad steadman. ppl were saying morph was the best jav and stuff. sad times without you here
                        mcvicar> the last time ease spoke to me is when he said fart and then claus said "Fart it is."
                        Mythril> stead was wishing covid 14 on ppl back in the day

                        Jessup> I was beat up by a dwarf once


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                          Dear​ black santa,

                          I wish they stop having special ed class design updated ship specs. Those kids got too much to worry about already. Don't stress them out about being the reason the few people left stop playing


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                            Dear Santa,

                            Hello you capitalist pig. This is Paradise. I know you are a lib shill disinfo, psyop plant--I'm comin for that WHOLE A** in the sky bucko. Don't bother trying to hide. Just kidding haha -____-. Can I get a nice quality wilfred zaha crystal palace jersey? he had a great season and i like his flow. And one set of airpod pros. I lost my left airpod pro earphone...dem shits small as hell boy..

                            4:BigKing> xD
                            4:Best> i'm leaving chat
                            4:BigKing> what did i do???
                            4:Best> told you repeatedly you cannot use that emoji anymore
                            4:BigKing> ???? why though
                            4:Best> you're 6'4 and can't use emojis like that
                            4:BigKing> xD


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                              Dear Santa,

                              All I want for Christmas is the $100 and rimjob that Pawner owes me for losing that duel.

                              - Warrior
                              Rasaq> thanks, Divine, for allowing me provide my oral support
                              Rasaq> err moral