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The Greatest Flyer To Ever exist?

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  • The Greatest Flyer To Ever exist?

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      Again, unemployment benefits aren't forever, get a job


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        Well folks... I did it I've pretty much finished the map, It's has come along way over the last decade, mannnnn
        It all started out with me stealing maps from other zones as "L3XMaRK" in my early teen years and getting then getting blacklisted from TWDev from
        "Dads Revenge" So I eventually I changed my name to Mage+ Because of this reason and that I wanted to hide and continue to steal other peoples work, but being 13 and annoying It was quite obvious that I was just evading my map ban, I continued to use the name Mage+ and could only really develop houses in ?go TWVIllage and other maps of the sort.

        24 came to me with a proposal to make him a map that he could practice his ship control, So April 23rd 2009 I sent off his idea to him and started working on maps legitimately, It's definitely not just a place for just ship control but often when I'm really anxious I go in and put some music on and just jam out, This map taught me alot and I've only just realised it thinking back on it all.

        I've posted some progress shots of the map over the years I think ?go Training is pretty much complete, Unless I can tweak it abit more I'd say I'm extremely happy with how it's turned out and how its turned me into a better player/person over the years (believe it or not)

        Thank you to anyone that has tried it and I'm happy to announce HUGE progress has paid off, some of these maps aren't all mine but I thought they'd be great additions/reworks

        Special thanks to
        Dads Revenge
        ?go Racing2
        ?go Mission
        ?go SealJavs and ?go TWJD

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          I've missed some over the years most likely but here's what I have along with the pretty much final product


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              NEW ADDITIONS: Target practice
              Warlord Mode 1x2
              Random flying
              and Racing2 extended, all are easily accessible without having to do the entire map

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