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It's time to ban Amnesti again

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  • It's time to ban Amnesti again

    Aside from constantly saying weird shit he's been spamming me on different accounts to induce lag while I play mmr. If you look at the last screenshot he admits to doing it

    Just get him out of here
    Mythril> when i met ease in 2001 he was a gameboy
    Shaw> it was sad steadman. ppl were saying morph was the best jav and stuff. sad times without you here
    mcvicar> the last time ease spoke to me is when he said fart and then claus said "Fart it is."
    Mythril> stead was wishing covid 14 on ppl back in the day

    Jessup> I was beat up by a dwarf once

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    Yep I saw this too, just get rid.


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      Just fyi, he has said he is trying to get banned again and has been asking everyone if they want to be spammed so he can get banned again. Just do the guy a favor and get it over with
      J-B-Inc> i ddi that duel while doing coke of pawner moms ass

      8:Riverside> UPDATE FOR WEEK 1:
      8:Riverside> I go 4-60 and we lose 0-6

      2:saiyan> [Dec 22 21:22] Rough: yo just came on to tell you, can you go on a real date with a girl (need to be specific here lol) instead of talking to claus on forums about calcs and formulas for a league? Happy holidays btw


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        Thanks Steadman, this has been handled. Good luck in MMR.