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Levi Settings OUTRAGE. The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

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  • Levi Settings OUTRAGE. The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

    OG Levi and weasel settings were better.

    They were fun, and offered a change in play style. Current ship settings are hot garbage, neither ship is formidable or unique, let alone enjoyable.

    What once was a Leviathan has been slowly sapped of its power, until only a suffocated blue anemic shell remains. It's rotation leaves it useless in a duel, and with only 1 rep it can only survive a single pass. It's best trait is it's speed - so it can fly around the map and do nothing? Bomb and bullet speed force you r1 or stray. If you r1, your maneuverability leaves you dead. Only if the ship has been nerfed to totally eliminate it's viability can I understand why this has been done. Obviously, I'm bias. That's the only ship in pub I enjoy playing. Levi larvae struggling for 10 minutes through mid for 20 bty, and attaching, only to die immediately - that's my thing. Juking people with all my energy, repping twice, and porting behind my enemy for the kill.
    Too many complaints about fr bombings? Did we start changing ship settings because of help calls? No more easy targets to hunt in spawn anymore. The levi is a legacy, and was first damaged by the map changes, destroying all the levterr shots. Then levi bans. Now, an entire dynamic of the zone has changed. I've been waiting to see what happens to the levi in hopes that it's positive, but now it looks stagnant and rotting. Gameplay has changed, with more concentration in the fr vs all around the map, leaving the levi to be more potent? Maybe, but levi is more valuable than these bullet puking flag matches where any bomb from anyone tks half the time.

    Weasel too. At least it had a neat trick, that was difficult to even effectively employ, now its just weak, with no trick.

    Your local Levi,
    1:Sir Spider> you gotta kinda drag it out of him a little bit
    1:Sir Spider> but once you do he just explodes
    1:Sir Spider> at least on me
    1:Sir Spider> homo

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    The small weasel is super irritating, too easy to position between ship turn increments to be impossible to hit, and can sneak into fr and reset the flag round too easily. Should make it normal sized.

    Levi isn't as bad, at least it can't kill the entire flag room from narnia now. Too much thrust imo though, levi should be the slowest ship not the fastest.

    Weasel is one of those things that's totally different in EU times, when pub is fairly quiet, the impact of a weasel resetting the flag round for as long as they want is just as troll as someone deciding to shark and mine everyone out. Everyone has to change what they're doing to react to that one person, why should one person dictate play? Add to that the troll rate in those hours, it's about 70% trolls, so this issue happens roughly all the time.


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      Are ships still broken? Been a minute now since game was worth playing


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        I wouldnt even recommend this game to hitler, putin, or trump. so no


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          ship settings still trash. dont bother logging in most days due to this


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            Hi i need help to get into the twl site. Cause of new email i dont have the original email cause its over 10. Years. Can anyone help me to apply to the Squad im in now... Please ERs or ZHs please register me so i can twjd with the Squad im in....


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              info here should help snik

              the twd website login is username and password, so your email change shouldn't matter

              and you'll want to edit your post to remove the email address


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                ships 4 and 6 are way better. the levis dont smash base and the weasels are target prac drones.