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The history of Subspace and TW

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  • The history of Subspace and TW

    Well hello, its been years since I've ever even thought about posting anything, my old name usto be Lsd101, and before that i was Jaguar During the existance of Beta Subspace. I would like to share with some of you the REAL history of SS from my perspective, all facts. since the day of Alpha Testing or "sniper" some would call. I'm doing this because I've played for nine years and i thought it would be refreshing. But this will take a LONG time to type out, so if you're interested.. read on .. if you're not. then move on ^^.

    Years ago Subspace began as a small Beta, with no more then roughly 1000+ players, not bad... but nothing compared to New games. I started roughly December 1995, playing with a guy named Crazy_Abd, who still plays to this day, During this time The game consisted of the vie Moderator/sysop's:Rodvick, Blackie, JeffP and a few others, who rarely played. The most affected player and programmer was JeffP, he had a nack to start trouble everytime he played the game, and was the most popular amongst the players. Blackie delt with small 2d Graphics, But rodvick did most of the graphical work you see today. JeffP had a knack for taking the unexistent ship during these times the "shark" into a zone called The Jackpot zone. From there he would join public zones destroying everything in sight, but so would the several players who attached to this "invisble" ship of his. During roughly version 1.16 did we receive an added Feature to our game, the zone "The Sheep Zone". This zone was stricly used for testing, but Vie did not have the time to be working on new zones, so they hired 2 people to take over 2 seperate competing Dev Teams, These teams had leaders by the names of HOVEL and PCPMAN. The most successful dev team was the team ran by PCPMAN, The team was comprised of roughly 12 people, Though my memory is not sharp of the members, It comprised of specific players "ME, INXS II, PCPMAN and FASCINATION" I worked on the design of the maps, INXS II worked on the tileset's and new ship additives "the flag you see now. the one with the glowing center, was created by INXS II, this became the flag they used once the major changes to the game came around for version SS 1.25" We were nothing but mod's in the zone, though PCPMAN was a SMODERATOR, the only SMOD in the game not working directly for VIE. By version SS1.25 the interface completely changes, The skin changed, the lancaster was added, and the shark. (tho the shark was known about well early into the 1.12 version, it was not released until Late, where as the Lanc was an interesting surprise <THE FIRST SHIP WITH BOUNCE BOMBS>, Also an addition <a horrid addition to many> was the loss of the ship the wasp, this was lost during the 1.25 change and replaced with the gold symbol you see today. Between these versions 1.06 and 1.25 had many changes occured, new mod commands, The dev teams, The ships, and several new players. West and East, zones, ALPHA, CHAOS, Jackpot <with the most greens for SVS> and so on. These were heavy changes, and i was proud to be apart of them, especially to be a mod in this time, was a great additive to my gaming life, giving me the ability to still till this day keep in contact with these very talented people who created this game you so enjoy. <this was also during the time when the chat program ICQ was on its rise, many from subspace used it>.

    MOVING ON to the future:
    Roughly after the release 1.26 was the plans to go full, to sell this game on CD. I and several friends had purchased this CD. but the downfall to this game was the CD hack created, Tho sage386 was dearly part due to this situation, he was a huge part to the downfall of VIE's gaming section, and buyout by Westwood. Sadly Many of the Vie team lost there jobs, but have moved on to better bigger things <especially JeffP whose work was mostly solo anyhow> VIE spent several man hours and several version to RID the game of this horrid hack, and tho it worked, it failed in it's own subtil way. a year after people being unable to play for free, quit and the game slowly died from hacking. but thankfully this was not the end, which im sure you all know and experience now, PriitK was given the Source files directly from Jeff, this would change the game forever, Priitk Mikethenose, are oftenly the most refered to names. These men both recreated the game as we know it, attaching java to the game, opening up the ability to attach fresh and much larger needed graphics to the game, Priitk Basically rearranged the core of the game, to suit a more "new" style of gaming, to the extent this game itself could take without changing physical properties, important to the way the rest of us enjoy it. Mikethenose started the new ara of Bot usage, brilliantly realizing that the game itself could me noticed as a sysop/Smod/mod, and by feeding the bot commands gave it life, nothing more then an open player on a server, but to those unknowing to Java, a little more complicated then that.

    For the longest time after the Change, the vie servers were dead, and there was no where else to go to. people had only private servers to visit, and even tho this was a nice addition from vie's part from the full version, it wasnt enough until the great release of:

    TRENCH WARS <history> and DSB <ghost ship> *this actually the other way around but trench wars has made the most changes, while DSB started off as one of the most popular zones to first visit*

    Trench wars: MR.Ekted can be thanked greatly on his part by making TW what it is with his changes to the "settings" this was a huge addition to the growing community, and a year later was fortunately ran by the owner The Ghost ship, A nice guy in general, yet a terror to those who wished to improve TW and those who just wanted to play in TW, The ghost ship <not to be confused with Ghost Ship> was running the show for a long time, with his map creator by his side, Silent Dragon. The zone steadily grew to about 100 players per day, but he would torcher people, going into public zones killing them using *ufo and so on. this was a neusance, At this time Dock> mikethenose priitk and several others like aiden and arilalou were apart of the MOD/SMOD team, we were pretty useless under the controls of TGH. during this time the game had VERY few sub arena's, and mikethenose and several of us were hosting elim games by hand. months later a mutany *in a sense* began, this was literally the fight of the century and i was pleased to be there... At this time Dock> was fairly silent, but did his job very well. Many looked up to him, and he was always around if you needed something. So many of the mods/Smods began to fight for dock> as dock silently watched for the most part.
    That night TGH <and i remember this very well, said: "Fine if this is what you want im gone" and left, assigning Dock> as the new Sysop, this forever changed TW, weeks later the bot was at full force, and was hosting elim games *with very little but some error's, like leaving randomly for no reason* This moved on to Priitk Releasing the BanG system, which literally closed the book on sage386's cheat program, and opened up an entire field for new players to join, Dock did not abuse, arilalou was moved up to Smod, and several of my friends like Overstrand began to move into play. people like 2dragons began a dev team, who was also the silent type back the early TW days, Since these changes most of you now know the game for what it is.

    During all this time i got to be honored with a pub map in TW, mod twice in TW, mod once with DEV VIE, and 9 years of changes through one video game, and a lot of different friends. I could say more, because there are many things that happened that I left out, but im positive you're already bored with the length of this post, so.

    I hope that for some of you who are curious about little facts, this helps you understand a little more about the history of this game, (those who fully read it anyways :P I would like to regret leaving out many who deserve recognition like Ghost ship, pointman, and such, because fortunately i was not around to see them rise up. But I will say, this game has forever changed the way we play online games, and when i quit, i know it will still be alive.

    Thanks for reading and if i left anything out or said something in error, Too bad its already said

    -Lsd101 , lsd
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    Cool... :turned:
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      interesting read.
      didnt know priitk was given the source, I thought he reverse engineered continuum.

      when I read the part about java, at first I thought you said the game was programmed in java or some crazy thing like that.
      Like, there was this ninja who got
      ticked off at some people who kept
      talking while he was trying to rock
      out on his guitar, so the ninja totally
      flipped out and sang at them till
      they all exploded!!! (true story.)


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        I had totally forgotten about sage386! heh...thanks for reminding me of that a-hole :turned:
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          Good read, but i thought he had to reverse engineer it, too.
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            Very interesting!
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              lilwade <ER> entered arena
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              lilwade <ER> left arena

              want proof?


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                Heh, I was talking to DoCk> once, I was just bugging him with questions, but he answered patiently. I remember him telling me about how he got his sysop position from The Ghost stories. ^-^


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                  I wonder what the future holds for TW


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                    nice of u to write all this down ... i found it very interesting ... well we could say method did what sage386 did by making CE :P
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                    Epinephrin> always fun to have a villian in the game


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                      oo a history lesson ^_^


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                        Priitk did completely and almost single handedly reverse engineered the game. JeffP meanwhile used to play all the time and the other VIE crew were seen often. This history is a bit disjointed and I wonder how much sense it makes to those of you who weren't actually there as it's all over the place and missing huge chunks.

                        Meanwhile the story of how PriitK/DoCk> got to be sysops is interesting and involves a bit of tricking of The Ghost Ship and taking the sysop password while he was away and then not giving it back...

                        Visit my much longer history if you want a more complete picture:


                        Still it was nice seeing it from someone else's perspective LSD Good show, thanks for typing it all out dude.
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                          Wow...who knows there is so many good people creating our wonderful zone for us.

                          Thank you ^-^


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                            yeah, i left out a lot of real tasty knowledge, and I also left in a few typo's which dock> was pleasent enough to point out in a short and simple way, but it was perspective, maybe off the charts but perspective none the least, It takes something like epinepherines HTML to show you a large scale version of what really went down, but to me, it is pleasing to see that unnoticed by even me, that people like epi have put it there experiences as well, im glad this is happening and next time i write such a long post ill be sure not to type things like TGH instead of the correct TGS lol. anyways thx epi and thx for readin ^^

                            P.S. epi , i know rodvick blackie and jeffP played a lot, but there team was a tad larger then that, i just have no memory of these people alternative ppl, because of there absence from my experience
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                              Ahhh its great to hear the history of TW from a non-noob for once.
                              Failure teaches success.