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Lost password, old account

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  • Lost password, old account

    Hi folks,

    Tried using the help link for name retrieval but goes to a dead site.

    I have an old username that I haven't logged in with in many many years, so can't get in game to retrieve the password.

    Is there anyone with database access that can help me out? I'll do my best to prove it is me

    With much appreciation,


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    You could either make a new account and use
    ?lostpassword <name>
    , or in case you didn't enter a valid email when you created your name or lost access to it you can try


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      Why are people like Mom, Space Hiker, and Ghost Ship still listed as billing ops in 2021? Is there legitimately any reason someone in TW like Qan isnt by now, or is it just that the linked website hasnt been updated in a decade?

      Edit: Spacehiker at least logs in from time to time.
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