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SpookedOne Constantly Abusing His Powers On Subspace Citizens

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  • SpookedOne Constantly Abusing His Powers On Subspace Citizens

    This is literally the third time in 3 days I’ve been silenced by SpookedOne. Blatantly abusing right infront of staffers and nothing is being done. When has it become illegal to tell a staffer they blow and get silenced, WTF? When has it become illegal to call a staffer a virgin and silenced????

    p.s. He also abused and silenced Rough/Vys last week for calling him a virgin.. I understand that he is a big part of the Dev team and does bot work behind the scenes but that doesn’t justify that he abuses literally everyday when someone goes at him.

    Screenshots attached (Tonight) shows me telling him he blows in jav (which is facts idk how that’s harassment), issues me a warning for it, finishes his game and then silences me when I wasn’t even saying anything to him..


    Nothing will probably be done and Idk if anyone is higher up in staff than him but come on man…
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    As much as it pains me to agree with Best, Spooked does abuse his staff power when he's butthurt, I've reported him for it before. There must be enough of a track record by now to do something about it.

    Then there's the 120 minute silence. That shit is savage. Can't use bots, so what... 120 minutes of pubbing? That's harsher than a 1 week ban.

    p.s. learn how to take a screenshot


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      It will be brushed under the carpet like the others he's done. All the elites needs to stand up to the direction the game is heading and the people being appointed to run the game.
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        And to lil*piggy back on this, spookedone witewawy single handedly cost Prime the twdtb season 24 title
        J-B-Inc> i ddi that duel while doing coke of pawner moms ass

        8:Riverside> UPDATE FOR WEEK 1:
        8:Riverside> I go 4-60 and we lose 0-6

        2:saiyan> [Dec 22 21:22] Rough: yo just came on to tell you, can you go on a real date with a girl (need to be specific here lol) instead of talking to claus on forums about calcs and formulas for a league? Happy holidays btw


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          The fact that removing a silence forces players to play pub tells me where the zone is going, especially with the shitters of the game ruining MMR constantly.

          A consequence should be implemented as a "check yourself" if someone going against the silence rules and then give them a 30 minute (no playing to remove) and then if it continues and then do it as an hour. If they come back from that and still continue and then do it for 24 hours.

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            Originally posted by renzi View Post
            And to lil*piggy back on this, spookedone witewawy single handedly cost Prime the twdtb season 24 title
            what the one going to address this eh.

            4:BigKing> xD
            4:Best> i'm leaving chat
            4:BigKing> what did i do???
            4:Best> told you repeatedly you cannot use that emoji anymore
            4:BigKing> ???? why though
            4:Best> you're 6'4 and can't use emojis like that
            4:BigKing> xD


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                I am not sure what happened here and I enjoy both Best and Spookedone as people, but I will publicly announce my support to remove silencing as a punishment and to just go directly to a 1 or 3 day ban.

                NO MORE SILENCING.

                that is all.

                absurd> havnt seen ekko miss in 20 mins;\


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                  Hi Best,

                  In the future, please use to file a ban appeal if you feel your ban was not deserved.

                  Further if you have a problem with a particular staff member, please reach out to twcomplaints 'at'