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READ THIS FIRST: Continuum problems & tricks FAQ - Updated Aug 09 with Windows 7 info

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    Ever used the Auto feature of Continuum profiles? If not, read this:

    There is a very handy, but unknown feature in Continuum's Profile section. If you look inside it, you will see a box on the lower right that says "Auto". Any commands entered into this box will be issued automatically as soon as you enter a zone. If you want to enter multiple commands, you can seperate them with a backward slash (\) like this: ?obscene\?log\?find Mr. Arrogant 2 - Just beware that entering too many commands will boot you from the zone for spamming. Different zones have different spamming rules- I believe TW will boot you after 5 or 6 auto commands on login.

    Some useful tips for Auto:

    ?obscene - Trench Wars players automatically have ?obscene turned on regardless of Continuum settings. Putting this in your Auto section turns ?obscene off, which will allow you to see messages that would be normally blocked. It is a good idea to do this if you don't mind seeing some vulgar messages, as you could miss some important things, but I wouldn't suggest it if you don't want to see that crap.

    ?log (filename) - This will open a log file every time you enter a zone. It will always write to the same file (session.log is the default) unless you specify a filename in the command. This is handy if you want to log everything you read in SS.

    ?go (arena) - This will automatically make you enter an arena of your choice when you log in. It works well with a #private arena, or any subarena you like to hang out in.

    There are a few other uses for it, like ?chat, ?find etc, but those are pretty obvious and minor uses. If you can think of any more good uses, leave me a PM and I'll add them to this post.

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      Did you know that it's possible to spectate 2 people at once? If not, read this:

      In Continuum, it is possible to spectate 2 different people at the same time. It's not perfect, but the game basically centers the view between the two players, rather than right on one of them.

      If you want to do this, hit F2 a few times depending on how you want the players box sorted. Then, scroll down to the first person you want to spectate with PageUp and PageDown. Hit F4, and then scroll to the other person you want to spectate, and hit F4 again. If you did it right, it should work. This really only works well in games where people don't die often, like a 1vs1 at the end of a jav or wb game.
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        Want to change the color of your in-game graphics? Read this:

        Inside your Continuum/graphics folder there is a file called colors.bm2 - Open the file up in any image editing program such as MSPaint or Photoshop. You fill find a really small picture with a ton of different colors. Zoom in on it, and you'll see that it has different colors on each line. Each of those lines of color determines the color of something inside Continuum, and you have to change the entire row of color of it to take effect.

        For example, see how the first row of color is black? That's the color of the background in the game. If you change the first row of color from black to something else, the color of the black background in every arena in Continuum will change to that new color. The next 3 rows, determine the color of the border in the scorebox and radar box. Rows 4-15 do nothing, but row 16 changes the color of the radar background. Here is a really zoomed in look at the first few rows to give you an example of how the file works:

        Here is an entire list of what each row changes:

        Row 0: Background color
        Row 1-3: Menu/radar border colors
        Row 4-15: Nothing
        Row 16: Radar background
        Row 17: Radar grid
        Row 18: Radar wall
        Row 19: Radar safezone
        Row 20: Radar door
        Row 21: Radar enemy goal
        Row 22: Radar friendly goal
        Row 23: Radar prize
        Row 24: Radar flag
        Row 25: Radar portal
        Row 26: Radar powerball
        Row 27: Radar self with flag
        Row 28: Radar self
        Row 29: Radar teammate
        Row 30: Radar teammate with flag
        Row 31: Radar enemy with flag
        Row 32: Radar enemy king of the hill
        Row 33: Radar high bounty enemy
        Row 34: Radar low bounty enemy
        Row 35: Radar mine
        Row 36: Radar decoy
        Row 37: Radar bomb explosion
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          If you want to know which ports Continuum uses, read this:

          If you try to play Continuum and all the zones show up red, you need to open some ports on your firewall. The method of doing this will be different depeding on your router/firewall so you need to do some Googling to find out the right way for you.

          To log into a Continuum server you have to enable a seperate port for each zone. Continuum uses the UDP protocol so all ports you have to open/forward are UDP.

          You have to find the port that the zone uses, and open that. To download new zone listings, you have to open port UDP 4990. Below is a list of the list of all the SSC zones/ports. If you want to be able to see the ping times for the zones, you have to open the next port for that server; example below.

          To summarize:
          SSCU Trench Wars -
          UDP 4990 to download new zone listings.
          UDP 5400 to log into TW.
          UDP 5401 to see the ping time for TW on the main screen.

          Here is a list of all SSC zones and their addresses/ports as of 02/10/05:
          SSCU 17th Parallel -
          SSCX A Small Warzone -
          SSCX Chaos/League Zone SVS -
          SSCU Death Star Battle -
          SSCC Desert Storm -
          SSCI Dragonball Z -
          SSCX Extreme Games -
          SSCI Gundam Wing -
          SSCC Halo CTF -
          SSCE Hockey Zone -
          SSCC Metal Gear CTF -
          SSCC Omega Fire -
          SSCX PowerBall -
          SSCU RedStar -
          T3 The Gauntlet! (SSC) -
          SSCU Trench Wars -
          SSCX Star Wars Realm -
          SSCX Star Warzone -
          SSCX Warzone/ASWZ CTF -
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            Want to get rid of the annoying "hum" noise that constantly plays when in a ship or alt+tab mode? Read this:

            I'm not sure if this happens with everyone's installation of the game, but when you are in a ship and not moving, there is a constant "Shhhhhhhh" noise playing. Sometimes this even plays when you are in alt+tab chat mode.

            Here is how to get rid of that noise. Make sure Continuum is closed, and then go into your /Continuum/sounds/ directory, and delete hum.wa2 - after deleting that the hum noise will no longer play. Much better.
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              Do you want to be able to use up to 20 macros on a single macro set? Read this:

              The default settings of Continuum only allow you to use 10 different macros. By changing the settings, you can now use up to 20 different macros on a single macro set. This is especially useful for Event Refs or anyone that hosts games, but is also useful for anyone else. To do this:

              In the main Continuum menu:
              View -> Keyboard/Controller Defs

              Put a checkbox in the option that says Distinguish Right/Left Shift as is shown in the image below. Now, Continuum will consider the right and left shift buttons to be seperate. Next, go and change all of the macro settings at the right to match the ones in the image below. To do so, just click on the box, and then hold down a Shift button and hit a function (F1-F10) key. Now you can use LeftShift+F1 - F10 and RightShift+F1 - F10 for different macros. You can use other button combinations, but these are the easiest.

              Next, do this:

              In the main Continuum menu:
              View -> Macros

              You can now change any of your 20 macros to be whatever you want. It's pretty straightforward, but you can look below to see how your macro window should look if you've set it up correctly. Have fun!
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                Here are a few in-game commands that you might not know about:

                ?best - If you use this command, it will tell you your current W/L record and score in the arena. I guess it could be useful in elimination-type games or TWxD, TWxJ games.

                ?namelen=xx (max 20) - This will set the number of characters it shows for player names in the chat. I usually set this to the max of 20, as then you can see most people's entire names in the chat.
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                  Do you get an "Error: out of range" on your monitor when you play? Read this:

                  Go into the Edit Profile section of the main Continuum screen. From there, select your username and then check out the Refresh drop-down box. Try changing it first to <default> if it's not already. If it is, try 60Hz, or set it as high as you know your monitor can go.

                  WARNING: You might break an older monitor if you set the refresh rate too high, so don't.



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                    Do you want to run Continuum in Linux? Read this:

                    Someone recently came up with a quick hack patch to Wine to get Continuum running under Linux. Be warned that even with a top of the line computer, it will probably not run at full framerate, especially on higher resolutions. It is, at least, a way to play Continuum under Linux.

                    Check out the website for full instructions. Be warned that this requires basic knowledge of Linux and using a shell prompt.


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                      Do you have a messed up radar in Windows Vista? Read this:

                      A few people have been having trouble with various radar problems in Windows Vista. You may solve them by enabling Software Emulation in the Advanced Options menu. This should be considered a temporary fix, as this will force Continuum to avoid using your video card.

                      In the main Continuum menu:
                      View-> Advanced Options-> Select Software Emulation

                      Thanks to Adrenaline Rush for this tip.


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                        If you are playing under Windows 7, you need to give the game administrator rights or enable XP compatibility mode.

                        Under Windows 7 (and Vista), the game will be unable to download new arenas, save log files or save user profile data unless you give it administrator rights or enable compatibility mode.

                        The easiest way to do it is this:

                        Right-click on the Continuum icon on your desktop. Select Troubleshoot Compatibility

                        When the box pops up, select Try the recommended settings and then okay that. It should detect Windows XP SP2 compatibility mode, and again, okay that. Continuum should now be functioning normally and have the ability to do all the previously mentioned things.
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