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When is TSL?

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  • When is TSL?

    ETA on this amazing league?
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    Fake medal holder TWDTB Season 20, 25, 26 and TWDTD Season 21 (only member of POWER with 0 sec played S20, 0 sec played in DTD S21)

    Season 24:

    Best in Star Slot - Warbird & Base(GameScore)
    Best 6* - Snoopie

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    Originally posted by SNOOPiE View Post
    ETA on this amazing league?
    Great question

    I've been hesitant to advertise anything firm related to TSL just yet, and we are currently facing some development resource constraints. I am hoping we will be at a point to start testing the new MMR (player ratings) for TSL toward the end of this month. If this timeline doesn't pan out, and development continues to get pushed, then we will make the call to consider running another TWDT as it will have been 2+ month break at that point.
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      vs twdt niw n dun kill the game i vs since 1998 ty