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  • Shrapnel tracker for basing

    The new overlay allows for some extra info to be shown. One of these would be an indicator of how many shrapnel parts you have. One issue with getting that number currently would be that it would only know the shrapnel count of a shark after they've fired a bomb or placed a mine.

    My proposal is to move away from the uncertain nature of the game code and how it determines with how much shrapnel you start with, and make the bot do the random number generation. For one, it would give us control over how often a player spawns with 0, 3, or 5 shrap. The odds could be something like 40% no shrap, 40% 3 shrap, and 20% 5 shrap. Shrapnel picked up by greens would also update this counter.

    This number could then be shown like this, similar to how other item amounts are shown:

    Click image for larger version

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    And for example like this in the bottom right display:

    Click image for larger version

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    This one includes a whole bunch of additional information which can be seen by the team. In this example the smaller number in front of the physically bigger one is the shrapnel count. The big number is amount of reps remaining for each shark. I'll get into further detail in an upcoming post.

    So basically nothing would change in terms of game play, and it would only serve to get a reliable reading on the amount of shrapnel for each shark.
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    I love the idea of having shraps visible and it would be a great feature. Do you know if the numbers you propose actually look like this right now? I feel like the shraps repartition is more like 60/30/10. I rarely get shraps at first.