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  • Looking for a Versatile Squad

    Hey guys.

    So, as many of you know, I came back a day or 2 ago and am having fun again. My heart is still poor but I can do more stuff now, so I've been thinking of maybe investing some evening time into TWD. Am willing to play and learn warbird, javelin and spider, maybe even terrier if someone shows me the ropes.
    Any nice squads who are willing to have me and teach me how to improve again? Would appreciate it very much.
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    Hey Wiibimbo! Am glad you are doing good enough to play this game again, that's some scary stuff! You're a strong dude I got to say and I hope you don't give up fighting for good health anytime soon!

    I've been trying to build a new squad from the ground up and it's been an incredibly daunting process to say the least. I am hungry though, hungry to put together a decent squad, hungry to obtain competent players and most importantly hungry to obtain wins (mostly in wb but want to branch out).

    I'd love to have you here with me though and that goes for anyone reading this. I am not sure what you are looking for but if it's for easy wins, you'll need to look elsewhere, as of this time, skirmishes will require you to step up and be your best to win games.

    I think that's a great thing for those like yourself aiming to unrust and get back to top form and even hardened vets looking for a challenge! If you are interested, let me know! Cheers!

    Peru> Ixador WB God Strikes again!


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      Whelp never mind then..

      Best of luck to you Wii. Sorry to hear we aren't good enough, maybe someday we'll learn to be better. Hope you find a nice squad!
      Peru> Ixador WB God Strikes again!


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        Disregard this post.