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  • wtf lol

    was this fun?

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    Not for me, lol 8.5.2
    TW EVENTS HOSTING - Player Appreciation Wall
    12-13-2020 - Mythril> was only planning to logon for 5 min, been eventing for 4hrs ty
    1:Chief Utsav> LOL
    1:Rule> we dont do that here.

    cripple> can u get pregnant if u cum in gf's ass


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      BD2 has some trial arena settings with super bouncy walls. Makes cram 100% impossible. I didn't know it was all javs until after it started but it was a nice change of pace. I'd be curious how a real game would play out. I think that scoresheet could be used in an argument to drop dwopple to 6.5*
      1:wbm> i squint when im angry

      Originally posted by mtine
      Yo LF, u'll never get me. Trust me, SUCK MY CUNT U MADAFAKING IDIOT!!! Cum at me bro. God, ur even worse than some fags irl's history. commit suicide since u aren't even worth 5 penises. CAN'T TOUCH DIS!!! Jeez man. ALL UR MOFOS THAT U RULE IN THIS GAME SHUD RLY SEE HOW UGLY U R IRL AND HOW DUMB AS WELL. Oh, 1 last thing: CAN'T TOUCH THIS ASS.