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  • TWD season.

    Hey guys. Thought I'd shoot out a friendly reminder that the TWD website is showing negative days for the season and needs reset along with ladders.

    You've probably heard this before but I'll say it anyways that I wish we had more incentive or fun challenges to make seasons more meaningful in TWD. No one that I know cares about it other than their own personal stats really and maybe ensuring Paladen stays at the bottom of the ladder. Bout it. I think the fact that no one even brought up the season ended is proof of that. Is it time we just scrap TWD seasons all together until a big brained tosser comes up with ideas to make it more meaningful?

    I digress. Anyways, thanks and have a good one.


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    The main issue with making twd rankings matter is that you'd have to eliminate borrows or limit them to like 1 a match and the loss of activity that would cause is too big
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      I wouldn't go there either beam. borrows are the reason twd is even active but we could make borrowed matches count a heck of a lot less so there would be incentive to have squadmates show up and play to get full points. Inactive squads should also take a points hit if say theyre inactive for too long. Stuff like that.

      For challenges it could be something simple like if your squad (using borrows or not) plays 20 games, they get a point bonus.

      Offer up silly medals or rewards in-game for season team/player winners. Biet made some awesome skins, would be neat to give those out to players who's team made the top spot or for being most active/highest kills/ect that they can use in-game. Really feel like those skins are under utilized and theyre fucking awesome.

      I was trying to do medals/shoutouts on forums but I just don't have the time to do it. My life has been turned on its head and am treading water and wish I could devote more time to this game, maybe actually do something to help but I can't.. All I can offer is my dumb ideas and suggestions. Sorry fam.

      I just long for people to care about TWD again like days of old but we all know that will never be unless we change the format or approach to how we handle TWD to get people wanting to care. Seeing the game die after TWL gutted me. Really did.

      Giving TWD some love wouldn't hurt is all. If not, I'd say just scrap this season stuff since no one cares about it.


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