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Formal complaint against Rough for intentional trade interference and manipulation

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    Originally posted by Poseidon View Post
    if yall wanna punish players for showing/not showing then make sure u give heaven a good spanking on the toosh while ur at it - demanding another player on the team be benched and refusing to play a game as the teams only terr unless gratified... likely costing your team not only the playoff series but the entire chanpionship .... is arguably far worse a scumbag maneuver than whatever shenanigans rough has or has not pulled
    u trash dawg
    3:BOMBED> got donuts
    3:BOMBED> how jealous
    3:Heaven> how american
    3:BOMBED> ??????????
    3:BOMBED> wtf u suppose to get
    3:BOMBED> they didnt have any fried goat


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      No result on this. I polled several community members, including former league ops, upper staff, and former captains. The consensus was that due to the way signups worked this season, the particular circumstances of any potential offences, and the resultant trades that were made due to this trade not going through, no further action is necessary.