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  • TWDT Finals HYPE Bets

    I'm bored, and have a gambling problem. Taking pub bux bets on the finals.

    Simple betting here, feel free to chime in.

    Bet must be over 500k
    All bets must be paid to me, which I will keep on a separate name, TWDT Bets, and pay out the winners
    I will keep the list here and highlight in green once paid
    After the finals, we will split the pots amongst the winners
    If someone bets on a winner, and no one bets on the loser, the money will be paid back

    Good luck my fellow degenerates

    TWDTD Finals Bets
    Terrorist vs Pure Luck

    Tiny - $4,000,000 - Pure Luck
    Ease - $2,500,000 - Terrorist
    Concur - $2,000,000 - Pure Luck
    Turban - $2,500,000 - Terrorist

    Racka - $4,000,000 - Terrorist
    Dwopple - $1,000,000 - Pure Luck
    RageRitual - $2,000,000 - Terrorist

    Rab - $2,000,000 - Terrorist

    TWDTJ Finals Bets
    Prayer vs Terrorist

    Tiny - $2,000,000 - Prayer
    Beast - $1,000,000 - Terrorist
    Ease - $2,500,000 - Terrorist
    Turban - $2,500,000 - Terrorist
    Dwopple - $1,000,000 - Terrorist
    Fleek - $600,000 - Prayer

    Saiyan - $10,000,000 - Terrorist
    RageRitual - $1,000,000 - Terrorist
    ixt - $500,000 - Prayer

    TWDTB Finals Bets
    lifeban vs Pure Luck

    Tiny - $4,000,000 - Pure Luck
    Turban - $2,500,000 - Pure Luck
    Dwopple - $500,000 - lifeban
    a2m - $1,000,000 - Pure Luck

    Sprackle - $500,000 - Pure Luck
    RageRitual - $1,000,000 - Pure Luck
    Rab - $2,000,000 - lifeban
    Kess - $5,000,000 - lifeban

    I'm too lazy to add any details to this, maybe not later in the week, but if you feel like contributing fake odds/stats/commentary, add below and I will put in main post if it seems needed.

    *Cutting off bets Sunday at 1:00 PM Est
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    1million to terrorist TWDTJ
    2018 TWDT Champion 2019 TWLD Final 4 2019 TWDTJ Semi finalist 2019 2x TWDTD Finalist 2020 TW Forum Mafia Game champion


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      $1mil on PL for wbs, $1mil on terrorist for javs, and $500k on lifeban for base

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        Nvm pot is too small

        I'll put 10 million on terrorist in dtj vs anyones 8 million lmk


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          500k on pure luck base


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            Originally posted by Sprackle View Post
            500k on pure luck base
            In game alias: mvp

            twdt-b 2017 finalist
            twlb 2020 champ cheerleader
            twdt-b 2020 champ


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              Rab - $2,000,000 - Terrorist

              Rab - $2,000,000 - lifeban


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                I bet you Nine Hundred Dollarydoos that Pure Luck wins TWDTD


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                  500k prayer twlj, purely in the interest of the odds and i dont care bout pubbux


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                    kess - $5,000,000 - lifeban
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                      2 mill for terrorist to win. Beam been solid in Warbird all season. Ease had some technical difficulties early on but as far as I know that's in the past, and you should never underestimate the only current 30* player.

                      I think this one will be a great match and can go either way. Dreamwin is really HUNGRY for the win though. 1 mill for terrorist to win and I hope they don't need me to sub in lol

                      IMO lifeban has the better terr and spiders, pure luck has the best shark pair in DT and that cram is hard to break. Put that with TJ outkilling both ease AND dreamwin last sunday, without camping, I'm put down 1m for pure luck to win.
                      If you're going to do a thing you should to it to the best of your ability or don't do it at all.


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                        Some quick little nerd stats to help assist people in bets for WB and JAV. I slapped this together quick if anyone finds stat typos as always let me know.

                        Click image for larger version  Name:	bets.jpg Views:	0 Size:	332.7 KB ID:	1351127

                        <quick warbird notes>
                        riverside is in the mix at 8.5* for pure luck, and mean gene at the 7* slot for terrorist. Pure luck is rolling out a bunch of solid mid star players, while terrorist looks to lean on high star players.

                        <quick javelin notes>
                        both teams seem to struggle with the low stars, this looks to be a really close match on paper. Trasher is in the mix for prayer at the 9* slot. This will probably come down to stayon, ease and dreamwin on who can carry their low stars better. It appears as though prayer has not yet decided on their 7* slot.

                        Someone should totally do a writeup for finals, you can steal whatever you want from my post if it helps.
                        If you're going to do a thing you should to it to the best of your ability or don't do it at all.


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                          remember that huge flub by beamir in a past twdtj? hope he doesnt pull that again on dwtrain or gene, would be detrimental. on the other side prayer has to hope yeh's lag stays afloat


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                            1mil for Terrorist in TWDTJ. Yall better win Dreamwin or i'm broke
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                            TWDTB Champion 2013
                            TWDTB Champion 2016
                            TWDTB Champion 2017
                            -tj hazuki/hazuki :wub: