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    I am trying really hard to be less of a dick to people so here are some thoughts and ramblings that nobody will care about of mine from being on Terrorist this season.

    Dreamwin, thanks for drafting me (not sure why so early though). Always nice to play with some different players. Strong effort for DT-D/DT-J medals this season. It was nice to participate in some Warbird games instead of just base all the time.

    Ease: A real solid effort all around, and last duel with banzi might have gone better if one of us got just one more kill for you, so you weren't running out of time!

    Aggi: Transitioning well from eg into a 3 league player. Held up well for low * slots in warbird and javelin. Good effort all around.

    Willby: Thanks for hosting DT, you have certainly come a long way from that nub shark I remember you as. You sharked well this season even though our wins column won't show it.

    Gene: We shared that 7* slot for Warbird, and it was good that when one of us weren't pulling our weight the other one was there to back each other up. It sucked you had to go for Javelin finals, but we get it, IRL comes first.

    Retroaction: It was hilarious rewatching some basing videos seeing you be annoying as hell to the other teams from mid.

    raiji/maito: I didn't really talk to you guys much but i know you were there playing your parts

    rabbit: I think this guy showed up for every game, even if he didn't get added, good team spirit.

    beam: nice four....shit wait I am supposed to be nice...I mean err, some strong MVP performances in Warbird helping us get to finals.

    Good luck next season everyone!
    Siaxis> yo it was way harder to kill Rage then beam in that dtd

    rylo> 1.5 mil for whoever kills renzi
    (10 seconds later)
    rEnZi is out. 17 kills 10 deaths. 2 players remain.
    P TW-Pub> rylo sent you $1,500,000, you now have $4,047,199.

    If you're going to do a thing you should to it to the best of your ability or don't do it at all.

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    Convoluted way of saying fk beam.