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TWDT 23 Announcement....Round 2!

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  • TWDT 23 Announcement....Round 2!

    There has been a decent amount of players coming back and the delta variant has brought back some government mandates so it's time to take advantage of the recent activity and reboot this twdt!

    We'll be going back to a star cap which will be determined once we have an idea of sign ups and we'll stream the ratings process as we have the past couple seasons.

    We're aiming for a draft date of September 5th and start date of September 12th. League ops will be myself and RaCka.

    All signups from the previous dt have been reset so if you signed up before you will need to sign up again. If you wish to sign up you can post in the sign up thread, message myself or racka, or pm the twdtbot !signup.

    All other details regarding the league will be posted in the next couple weeks but expect it to be very similar to the past 2 seasons.

    We have some blockbuster captains already committed and this is looking like it's gonna be a great season so sign up now!
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