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Week 3 By The Numbers

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  • Week 3 By The Numbers

    Week 3 By The Numbers

    WB Individual stats Week 3

    Most kills – Turban - 36 kills
    Even though Blast suffered two loses this week, Turban put up some big numbers going 19-10 and 17-10.

    Runner up – Bike - 33 kills
    Bike has been on fire, winning both of his matches this week with Terrorist. Putting on a show with 11-5 and 22-7, 22 was the highest single kill count of the week for WB’s.

    Top performers

    Warrior- showed up this week and was the top performing 8 star. With an impressive first game going 16-7 and in the second game 8-5, total KD 2.

    Ease- still doing his thing, Ease has been solid each week and has proven why he is a 10 star. Winning both games 17-9 and 13-8, total KD 1.76.

    Creature- coming in for the first time this season, Creature was able to help Hottub Homeboys win their second match with a solid performance of 14-9.

    Vys- securing two wins for Power, Vys lead his team going 17-7 and 15-3 and has the top KD of the week with 3.2. Overall Vys is ranked number 1 on the overall WB leaderboard.

    Top Team

    Thunder/Terrorist 5-1

    Thunder and Terrorist sit at the top for WB’s this week, each having 5 wins apiece. Both teams have solid line ups, but I think Terrorist might have the edge with overall talent. Terrorists currently have two stand out warbirds in the top ten, Bike is ranked #2 overall with an impressive 2.05 KD and 78 total kills. Second on Terrorist is Dreamwin, who is ranked number 8 on the leaderboard, with an overall KD of 1.24 and 62 total kills. Bike and Dreamwin are both the highest rated in their star level on the warbird leaderboard.
    Thunder’s two top performing warbirds on the leaderboard are Ease(#3)and Dak(#11). Ease still hasn’t lost a match that he has played in and has an impressive 1.89 total KD. Dak has won 4 out of the 5 games he’s played in, with a total of 56 kills and a total KD of .77.
    Unfortunately, we won’t see these two teams go head-to-head next week, but I think Terrorist has the harder matches up. Most likely there will be only one team at the top by the end of the week.

    Blunder Team award
    Funk 0-6

    Funk had some changes in their lineup this week adding Steaman and Tripin. Adding these two ended up making it a top-heavy line -10/9/9/9/6/7. But it wasn’t enough to secure Funk's first win of the season. The top stars performed ok, but their bottom star levels struggled. The 6 and 7 stars combined had less than a total .5 KD and only were able get 19 kills in two games. Next week will be interesting to see if they stick with the same lineup or sit one of the new 9 stars they added.

    TWDT-J By the numbers

    Top overall Jav’s

    Uprise – Same as last week Uprise is still performing extremely well. Ranked 3rd overall on the leaderboard, Uprise has only lost one match. Total kills 66 with an average of 1.27 KD.

    Turban- While Turban only has one win to his name, he is killing the leaderboard having the most kills overall with 99. Turban compared to the top 10 jav’s has the highest KD of 1.68 and the highest KPM at 1.
    Ro- Having a clutch match this week with one of the biggest personal comebacks RO must be mentioned. Ranked 9th overall RO has won 4 out of 6 matches and has a total KD o 1.16.
    aagi- The highest rated 6.5 star in javs currently is ranked 25th overall. While not having ground breaking stats he has proven to play well, with 4 wins and a total KD of .9.
    *sidenote the closest 6.5 star to aagi on the leaderboard is Rylo, who is ranked 51st with 1 win and a KD of .7.

    Top Team
    Powerful Fingirmin 5-1

    With only one loss to their name, Fingirmin currently are the only team with 5 wins. Fingirmin have two standout Javs, Uprise (#3) and Roiwerk (#4). Both have been playing very well and are leading their team in the stat department. The third highest rated Jav on their team is Flew sitting at number 17. This week they did lose their first match 40-50 to Paddington, they bounced back winning their second match. In the second match versus Power, Roiwerk couldn’t miss, ending the match with 22 kills and 3 ko’s. One thing I noticed was that Fingirmin had 17 r3/4’s and 11 of those were Roiwerk’s. Next week Fingirmin go against Terrorist and Thunder who each have 3 wins.

    TWDT-B By the numbers

    Most Kills in Spider
    Cripple – Still holding onto the number 1 overall spot on the leaderboard, he now has 696 kills, which is almost 100 more than second place.

    Honorable mention
    Jack – Had an impressive week going 85-41 in the first match and then going rampage in the second match 145-67.

    Top overall Spider
    Henry Saari – Now Ranked 3rd overall on the leaderboard, Henry and Power haven’t lost a game. Henry has played in all 6 games with a KD of 3.71 and KPM of 4.43.

    Top Terr’s
    RageRitual – Is sitting at the number spot, with 6 wins and an impressive 14 total deaths.

    Maketso – Ranked #2 on the leaderboard he hasn’t lost yet with 4 wins and 10 total deaths.

    Top Shark’s
    animeboy– Is still sitting at the number one spot on the leaderboard with 4 wins, the highest TEKS and an RPD of 2.9
    Zidane – Moved up to the 3rd spot this week and still hasn’t lost a game. He has and RPD of 3, with 11 TEKS.

    Top Team
    Power 6-0

    There is only one left, Power remains the king base going undefeated again this week. Winning against the once undefeated Fingirmin, 15-10. Power appears to be sticking with the same lineup each week and now has another shark in mix, Beam who showed for MVP this week (I believe). The lineup has been solid, with RageRitual sitting as the top rated Terr, Zidane at the number 2 spot for sharks and Henry Saari at the number one spot for spiders. Power has some good matches lined up next week going against Terrorist (4-2) and Thunder (3-3). But at this point its hard to bet against Power as they seem to be favorite to win it all.

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      I heard this is Ease.
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