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    All of you knew that the draft tourny was happening for WEEKS. You all logged in and played twd games. and then you wanna sign up on draft day, get denied, and ask for a redraft with 8 teams? Snooze you lose bozos, sign up for FA or STFU
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      Having 12-15 extra players seems extreme. Even before draft started a few days ago there should of been 8 caps. This has nothing to do with late signups. Starters are going to show. They might miss a few weekends but you don't need 12-15 people to replace them.

      Edit: Just want to add that the amount of people who will play Sunday DD/JD: 30 BD: 48. Of course there's subs but we all know that's like 1-2 per game if at all. The first week we'll probably see some rotations so I guess theres that but really by week 2 capos will pretty much have established their starters by then. Having 8 caps makes the most sense unless we want 2/3's of participants on bench.
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        there are more ppl than on the fa list that want 2 play. cimmidi jirrisic sprackil kim n othirs i cint think of in .01 instint all said they want to, n eefin b4 the draft there was plenty of playirs for 7-8 teams n the more teams/playirs in the league the more f1n in my extremely h1mb1l opinion


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          Originally posted by Vehicle View Post
          The FOMO is strong in a league that people had two months to sign up for.

          There's currently not even enough of an FA for each team to add one more high-level player.

          The first bds to be played in months were played tonight.

          Expanding to 8 teams in a league with 20-man rosters means ~15-man rosters (right?). It's a summer league and lots of players have expressed an inability to show for multiple weeks.

          The risks of expanding is forfeits. The result of not is 2 or 3 people per team getting less play time than they expected in a Summer league.
          like tiny said, this is the best reply i've seen in this thread.

          river's team looks like ass, just add Best to their team so its decent, he wants to play badly. the rest are prob fine going into FA. if not, just make FA earlier than usual to get them in... like Week 2 FA so they only miss Week 1.

          a do over on a draft is unheard of, and would be stupid. 20 players per team is well below many seasons, especially in summer.


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            ? Sprackle nd I didn't actually want to sign up. Just logged on 5 mins before to be like all the retarded ppl every dt. Also happened to be the one day of the year it was actually raining in California.

            Add Bigmon to River's team for the sake of his players.


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              I’m honestly shocked by the lack of communication with league ops despite all the positive feedback on this thread.. can we get an update on what’s happening please?

              I’ve offered to captain in a 8 team redraft with the same draft order adding me and someone else as 7/8 captain so ppl can keep their first rounders but thats obviously really unlikely to happen which I understand.. It just seems like theres too much talent on the sidelines (Rough, Sprackle, Jurassic, Kim, Commodo, rylo, 100, etc) and FA draft is kind of a stretch away.. July 10????

              you would think vys opting out of the league and riverside having a really weak team would be great opportunities to contribute to twdt this season.. not sure why this can’t be done? it won’t imbalance any lineups for any of those teams.. vys would get thrown in FA (He’s cool with it) or helping Riversides team where it would benefit all of us..

              Also ogron did make a great point making FA possibly Week 2.....

              Sorry to league ops about trying to get into twdt late, I know it looks really bad but it wasn’t intentional.. i was away from the game and had no idea when this was starting.. I just want to play the game mans love.. even if that means i’m on riversides team. Love

              Rough> btw if u post on forums again squeeze in there that i want to sign up too LOL
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                My voice goes to having FA draft prior to week 2 or 3 games. We of course want to involve as many people as possible but getting 1-2 week penalty for being late seems reasonable. Full redraft requires unnecessary amount of work and arrangements from the volunteers. (OPs and Caps)
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                  I, for one am shocked and appalled at how this whole ordeal has been handled. Quite frankly, I'm utterly disgusted by the complete lack of compassion and communication that has been put fourth by Ops on this situation.

                  Jk. I do get the inconvenience this can cause while running a league and I'm in no way shape or form trashing the Ops since without them this league would not even be happening. However, I think with the amount of positive feedback towards getting some serious talent that can overall benefit the league in the long run is imperative. Especially when it comes to the competition....its a no brainer. There's so much talent that's ready to strap on the boots and gear up for TWDT this season. Let's let them play.

                  Obviously a redraft is pretty much off the table but I think a week 2 FA so the influx of late players can get a decent season in is the best bet here. Still keeping the regular FA draft date for even more players later.

                  Furthermore, the passion for the game and love of the leagues is what drives this community. We have 115 active players max. Please do the right thing and bring this community back together ❤️. If not for me do it for the sake of riverside team....I got monkeypox from his draft selection man. That's not ok.

                  Ultimately I think we as TrenchWarriorMons need to take a step back and look in the mirror, reflect on whybwe are really here.....We need to realize that popping pimples alone in the dark is much worse than popping them on TWDT sundays with fellow space pilots.

                  With a heavy heart ❤️,

                  - Le ZU

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                    Originally posted by Tanzu View Post
                    We need to realize that popping pimples alone in the dark is much worse than popping them on TWDT sundays with fellow space pilots.

                    With a heavy heart ❤️,

                    - Le ZU

                    P S - #FREEDAMANDEM
                    beautifully said, it’s like poetry. If this doesn’t bring the community together, then nothing will

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                    8:Riverside> UPDATE FOR WEEK 1:
                    8:Riverside> I go 4-60 and we lose 0-6

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                    • Just give Best my spot and remove me from twdt we are about the same star level in all 3 leagues and this will calm everyone down


                      • Cintril f


                        Does this grip luf me or want 2 b on sunshine pushirs

                        My vote is for an extra FA draft on June 19th ONLY if we're able to get to 12 signups then.

                        If not, then my vote is to keep it to the original July 10th date, which was advertised on trinch wirs Forums, discord and in-game (when nobody was playing).

                        I'll also accept and be okay with whatever the majority of decision-makers choose 2 do in this sitition.
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