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FREE AGENCY #2 Sign-up & Details thread (July 10th)

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  • FREE AGENCY #2 Sign-up & Details thread (July 10th)

    Free Agency #2 Draft will be taking place July 10th at 1pm EST. Cutoffs to signup are July 9th at 11:59pm EST and will be strictly enforced. Please post here, ?message myself or RaCka in game, or register with the TWDTbot to officially sign up.

    Draft Details:

    Free Agents drafted in this draft will immediately be eligible to play in TWDT matches. Like the first draft, the draft order will be randomized after signups close and before the FA draft begins. Click here for the full TWDT schedule.

    Free Agent signup #2:
    1. Zizu
    2. Clark Kentaro (rusty and might not even show at all)
    3. Stringfello (BurnZinger)
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