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TWDT Season 26 Rules - Feedback Needed

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  • I appreciate growth in language(s).

    With that said, sometimes... Simple is Best.

    Imo, this last post of yours is more authentically cho.

    Ty 4 this, big spit-ter.


    • Back to the point at hand, I agree with Best that faulting captains for making the best trades they can in a draft league is silly. There were a lot of trades this season, it's true. But so what? The worst team in any given DT season often gets scavenged for parts. Props to Best for speaking truths. If there's any league format where trades should have an impact, it'd be a draft format. I fail to see the issue here.
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      Vehicle> ?help Will the division's be decided as well today?
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      • Originally posted by Best View Post
        To endeavor and enforce a trading rule proscribe on the league because someone like Violence has prospered again in a proven role he’s been taking on for countless seasons is veraciously painful to read imho because it just gives huge loser mentality and hating vibes..
        huge loser mentality eh.

        aight. keep unlimited trades.

        sign me up to cap.

        ogron> pawner threatened to cut racka open and hang him by his entrails, then borrowed him 2 min later and pmed him "lets win this <3"
        Mythril> LOL
        RaCka> LOOOL
        Iron Survivor> lool
        beam> pawner is still more mentally stable than best




          • Originally posted by Riverside View Post
            At least he had the testicular fortitude to cap again.....


              zidane> big play
              Omega Red> dwop sick
              mr mime> its called an orca smash u uncultured fk
              WillBy> ^^

              1:Chief Utsav> LOL
              1:Rule> we dont do that here.

              cripple> can u get pregnant if u cum in gf's ass


              • Da svs chaos zone draft team that Im on and root for from f11 shared this:
                1. Positive feedback about the availability question that requires an answer upon signup, esp for those who can't show every week. Reduces the signup obstacle of time commitment for some. It can help captains plan for the season:
                2. SVS Draft League is using tiers (instead of *), with mixed feedback. The community is considering a star (*) rating system.
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                • Originally posted by Turban View Post
                  My proposal for TWDT would be to completely remove player rating while replacing it with player tiers. In my opinion current player rating system is poor as players can either overperform or underperform depending on who they are playing with and it should be up to captains to decide how much someone is worth. This adds more skill to captaining as well testing their eye for talent. As a rough guideline you could use following:

                  10* and 9.5* would be considered Elite Players. In dueling leagues you would have at most 12 players in this bracket with an 8 team league while you would limit it to about 20 players in basing.

                  9* and 8.5* players would be considered Top Players. You would use similar limits as above for both basing and dueling.

                  8.0* and 7.5* players would be considered Middle-Tier Players. This is the largest and arguably most important tier in our zone. True target audience of draft tournaments in my opinion.

                  Any player rated below that would be considered a Beginner Player.

                  Teams would be limited to these player slots when building a lineup:

                  TWDT-D and TWDT-J
                  x1 Elite Player
                  x1 Top Player
                  x2 Middle-Tier
                  x1 Beginner

                  x2 Elite
                  x2 Top
                  x3 Middle
                  x1 Beginner
                  I see where you are coming from but I think we should not change what is not broken.

                  I think this season of teams was balanced minus Riverside's team. (And not hating on the sweet TWLD champ, just his team was definitely not as strong as the others.)

                  Perhaps we could add to the drafting system one 'you can't pick this person, like a veto that every cap gets every round.)

                  I also think that perhaps we should try to get an extra point of the captains that utilize the whole roster versus the ones that only play the same 5/6/8 players for twdt and twdtj / twdtb.

                  Just my two cents.

                  Other than that great season.

                  Any chance we could start the new twdt season earlier than the start date?


                  • This is unofficial: it's a template.

                    If it helps: i can give ownership/access to da volunteer OPs.




                    • presumably if they wanted a form they would have made one


                      • Originally posted by Rab View Post
                        presumably if they wanted a form they would have made one
                        Thank you for another insightful comment, Rab/TPZ!!

                        Presumably and likely!


                        • appreci8 the kind wirds b1st all cridit goes to the incredibil playirs like ursilf as ciptinink twdt squidrin takes 0 effirt/t1l1nt

                          i dun read anything in this thread until i hear sum j1br1n1s are unhappy w/ excessive trading

                          First of all, the only ciptins really willing to entertain trade conversations last season were riverside and tiny. i won't go into details about wut its like trading w/ every ciptin other than pretty much every1 other than tiny is close minded, vs laser focus on 1-2 players, over values their own players, and when they have a good week or are winning they jus shut down 2 everything and think they can't improve their team jus cuz maybe they are at top of the stindinks

                          next, if u look @ 90% of the trades i have ever made in twdt, at first glance ppl say am getting the short end of the st1ck

                          i got jamal from tiny and gave up zizu tj hazuki and warrior. the week before the trade zizu went + in 2 jav games, one in which we dominated and the other we won 50-47 or something and he was the main reason why. TJ hazuki helped us win 2 warbird games as a 6.5*, as he personally teabagged dwopple 3-4 times in under 1 minute to elimin8 her and grint us victory. Jamal lost the games he played in for Tiny and she couldnt rly use her

                          I traded apt who is pretty useful 8.5* baser for swirtzmin who wasn't doing sh1t for tiny and missed multiple weeks this season

                          i dun give a sh1t if trading is allowed or not but i think it makes sense to allow unlimited trades so people can improve their teams, and unhappy players could have a chance to go to a better situation because chances are if sum1 is traded its because they aren't performing 2 well on their current team or aren't getting playing time, and the team that trades for them actually wants them and can play them. not always the case but more often than not. If a grown man is to sensitive to being traded in a video game because they care about their reputation and it hurts their feelings when they are traded 5 times in a season like warrior, thats on them

                          i also thought willby did a gr8 job


                          • Originally posted by Riverside View Post
                            This is unofficial: it's a template.

                            If it helps: i can give ownership/access to da volunteer OPs.

                            TWDT SIGNUP & COMMUNITY FEEDBACK FORM

                            Actually think something like this is a good idea, not everyone wants to pm 150 players asking their showrate, etc... Some of us don't even want to pm one.

                            Some of us have no problem doing that, cheerleading their players in every dd/jd/bd/dtd/dtj/dtb/pub/elim/chaos/dsb/svs/tw/hz match, "vsink" fake leadership at all times and raising/teaching 30+ year old children on how to be winners when they should have learned it on their own 20+ years ago......... *GASP*........pming other captains literally 1000 times/season for trades AT ALL TIMES DURING THE DAY AND EVERY DAY DURING THE WEEK and then after all that saying it "takes 0 effirt" to cap a twdt team

                            Lets keep it 100 vio


                            • except i dont do any of that except b cheerleadir in tw mitchis 1x per week when i bench myself so othirs could play becuz the twdt ops ask if i cud b ciptin every seasin n its hiw i cud cintribiti to a zone i vs since 1998 and still care about but dont rly ever play since bliwink up othir spaceships become like the 10th favourite activity i cud vs in my free time since i was 15 as opposed to 1 of main priorities when i was a full bliwn toddlir in grade 7 n sum1 shiw me this game in cimpitiri cliss

                              am online for like 1 hr per day while eatink dinner vsink afk but prisint to trade if neetid, am not blistink ppl all times during the day every day during the week like u just gr8ly exager8

                              i also don't play hz outside of creasers (gr8est franchise in any video game/sport history) games and i happen to b an incredibil playir

                              u keep it 100 instead of vsink gr8 exageration