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  • TWDTD finals predictions

    Time has come to find out which of the 2 teams ends up being crowned the best wb team in our latest draft league tournament. Season has been long with several bye weeks, but in the end 2 of the strongest teams have made it to finals.
    Crimson - Crimson took the lead early on and have not really looked back. Hawks team with Mythril as the main man has been big favorite for the long time and fully deserve the place in finals. Mythril seeks to defend his championship from previous season with another underrated cast around him this time. Both of Crimsons 7.5 stars in spectacular and banks have had a great season and by the looks of it, should be at least 8* players in next season, another 7.5* dare and wiibimbo have also put in some good performances. Accompanied with strong 8-8.5* players like jack, raazi, renzi and hawk, Crimsons big advantage has been not depending on showups or bad days for some players as they always manage to line up very strong performing freq.
    Being top-tier wb team, they had bye-week in quarters, but had no real issues dismantling win or die in semis, arguably second/third best wb team in the league after main season. In a unique season, all 6 teams who made it to playoffs managed to get into finals in one league. With only 1 final to play expect finals to be heated faceoffs.

    The Sh1tt1rm1n - Violences team was more of mid-tier pack in early part of season, but typically after trades and FA draft, it started rising rankings and ended up being on level with Win or Die after main season and also having bye-week in. Unlike Crimson, who has several options for lineup, for this team, there seems to be 1 winning combination. Lead by Lockdown (10) and bombed (8.5) and supported by jz (8), violence (7.5) and frozen throne (7), they have found combination that can be dangerous to any team. Also, as it is quite common, would not be surprised if at least 2, if not 3 of this lineup would not be rated higher next season. Usually finding those bit underrated players is key in succeeding for draft leagues.
    Semis were very close matchup, as power but up a fight, but after 3 matches, finals await.

    Looking at team history, Crimson is by far the favourite here, they have dominated the league from the beginning and have versatility to make changes during games. The Sh1tt1rm1n has pretty much only used Sunny D as low star, but he has fallen off the lineup in favor of FT in recent times, so any of the lineup having a bad day will be difficult to compensate for violence. Saying that, finals quite often go completely ignoring what has happened before in the league. I expect close matches, but predict Crimson still coming up with win 2-1.
    Crimson will win
    The Sh1tt1rm1n will win

    The poll is expired.

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    I don't recall ever seeing such good teaming in twdtd as this Crimson team, I think they'll get the well-deserved win.


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      Never bet against Mythril in DTD.
      rEnZi> just looking at rageritual tilts me
      rEnZi> its crazy
      rEnZi> thats real power

      Siaxis> yo it was way harder to kill Rage then beam in that dtd