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    Now that TWL is approaching I'd like to re-visit the order in which we'll play games this upcoming season. I'd really appreciate as much feedback on this topic as possible. My personal take on the order is the same as it's always been... warbird first followed by javelin second and base third
    Wb 1st, Jav 2nd, Base 3rd
    Change the order to something else
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    Agreed, we should keep it as it is.. People are so used to this order and it wouldn't make any sense making basing first as people would be too fatigued to play ld/lj on a high level imo
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      I am interested in WB being last tbh. Hoping there's less glare and less going on at that time of day on Sunday so I might actually be able to play and play half decent.


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        I prefer the original order of javelin -> base -> warbird which is being proposed by the current TWL operators. This used to be the order of games up until season 19 which is when we changed it to match the TWDT schedule where basing was last to minimize the risk of forfeits. However in hindsight TWDT and TWL do not really have the same kind of team dynamics and thus I feel the risk of having forfeits in basing is close to non-existent.

        It is also worth mentioning that when teams were able to negotiate game times for their matches during the regular season most teams ended up scheduling their warbird matches to be played after all the other leagues. During TWL playoffs, and most notably the finals, TWLD was the last league to be played. This makes sense given our demographic of players in each league where warbird is largely dominated by the North American player base.


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          id prefer wb>jav>base like its been


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            Javelin, Base, Warbird.
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              Originally posted by Dwopple View Post
              OK I'm back with another division-ordering related update.

              Based on community feedback, in one of my most recent posts in this thread I talked about changing the proposed new order of divisions

              from TWLB > TWLJ > TWLD
              to TWLJ > TWLB > TWLD.

              After speaking with Wirah I was able to confirm it is VERY EASY to change the ordering of matches mid-season (back to the original TWLD first order) if this change is not welcomed, or fails to satisfy the original intention of this change. Because of the simplicity of changing the ordering mid-season, we will begin the season (Feb 28th) using the above "to" division order, and evaluate the change for any reasons to revert.

              For transparency, I am intending to keep TWLJ > TWLB > TWLD ordering until at least the hardlock is in effect. This means 3-full weeks of matches using this order, barring any major complaints / reasoning from enough of the community. If the ordering is reverted, or changed, for any reason mid-season, I will be sure to communicate this out to all captains in advance. For now, though, I have updated the TWL Rules and original post.

              TWL Squad Qualifications END 2 weeks from today (Feb 24th). TWL Squad Invites will be sent out Thursday, Feb 25th, and the season schedule will be generated once all invited squads have responded. I have a few more questions needing to be answered before making an announcement for when WEEK 1 TWL ROSTERS are due. Once I have these answers I will create a new post for a "TWL Captains Checklist" reminder on important dates and action items needed from each squad prior to week 1 matches.
              Already posted about this in the other thread. I gave everyone plenty of time to discuss within that thread and I provided my reasoning for the change. We're gonna go forward with TWLJ > TWLB > TWLD for at least the first 3 weeks (until Hardlock). If there's a massive uproar, which there doesn't / hasn't seem to be any, or we completely hate it after the first 3 weeks, we can revert. It's that simple.

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