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    Exalt You lost me at "my wife."
    Vehicle> ?help Will the division's be decided as well today?
    Message has been sent to online moderators
    2:BLeeN> veh yes
    2:Vehicle> (Overstrand)>no
    2:BLeeN> ok then no
    :Overstrand:2:Bleen> veh yes
    (Overstrand)>oh...then yes


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      This is the real Ekko. I think we should try a weeknight league.. we don't have to call it TWL and each day should have a different league.


      Wednesday 8pm to 9pm EST - Weeknight TWLWD
      Thursday 8pm to 9pm EST - Weeknight TWLWJ
      Friday 8pm to 9pm EST - Weeknight TWLWB

      This way players can just log for the leagues they play in and for less time all at once, it is exhausting to be on for 3+ hours if you include warming up on Sunday... and I only play in one of the leagues but I like cheering my squad on.

      It will give us a population boost on these nights as players will log on to warm up & will stick around for games afterwards. There will be an increase in TWD activity on these nights for those trying to practice so even non TWL squads will be able to get games in. It will even increase people in pub on these nights for people warming up, and we know populated pubs will keep newer players around as it's more fun when when pub has more than 12 players playing.

      & yes I am not considering the Europeans, they can play in the Sunday TWL.



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        One quick idea--very brief: we throw a huge fkn convention/get together, we all get blasted...and then we fkn pull the plug on the whole game. we throw an opened capri sun in the server room and delete all the data you know....we all start fresh?
        4:BigKing> xD
        4:Best> i'm leaving chat
        4:BigKing> what did i do???
        4:Best> told you repeatedly you cannot use that emoji anymore
        4:BigKing> ???? why though
        4:Best> you're 6'4 and can't use emojis like that
        4:BigKing> xD


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          Originally posted by Grasps View Post

          Preach. This is what I've been saying for years only to fall on deaf ears or blind eyes. I don't understand why the fuck we play on Sundays at 1PM. When leagues are not going, it's fucking dead at that time of day on Sunday. Friday, Saturday, Saturday night and sometimes Sunday/Monday NIGHTS are the most active times (speaking for TW).

          We really should do leagues during these times when its obvious people like to play then. HZ and other zones do instead, taking away TW playerbase. I was actually considering making my own league outside of TW that would use a custom website and we'd arrange games just like TWL but the ruleset would be different and it would require a lot of time from myself to manually keep track of the games since I wouldn't be able to connect the website to the game server like or anything (am not that savvy). I just am dying to play leagues on Friday/Saturday night when the sun is down and the house is quiet.[/FONT]

          Really hope we consider pushing the times back for the next TWDT and actually do leagues on active nights like Friday/Satur. Or least break it up so 50% of DT teams do Friday Night. 50% do Sunday afternoon. Then rotate the following week so its fair and make sure that each team during a season plays exactly 50-50 split between Fri/Sat Night and Sunday Afternoon to give people who like playing at night a chance to do so a few times throughout the season. This could help get more people who can't play DT on Sunday at that time a chance to play and could make for more teams and more competition.

          PS: Also, olde still think calling my squad members crackheads is a bit slanderous and damaging to our image, especially right now when am trying to recruit people for TWL. The stress and the sacrifice, it's a bit much and when I read shit like that I take offense because you don't know the entire story and all of the work behind the scenes just to get here. I understand you weren't talking about me per say but still doesn't make it much better though I suppose I take back the 'fuck you' and want you to know I don't want to beef with you. Have a good week.
          Admittedly, I literally have nothing to do with these leagues anymore, but you are a maddening personality. You have ideas for days, and when someone gives you a chance and platform to actually do something with all of those big brained ideas, you never deliver. Ever. Not once. You half-ass for a month or two and then disappear for one excuse or another.

          Frankly, quit bitching if you aren't able/interested in delivering on all of your swell thoughts. It's getting old.
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            TWSL was a fantastic league which applied to players of all skill levels, run well by Ogron "this alleged elitist" and some individuals still weren't happy sabotaged it and try and ran it themselves for their own idiot inclusive motives. This had a huge decline in quality.
            The reason I only play Twl now is because quite frankly I don't want to forced to play with idiots like Geio and Lasenza in endless draft tournaments and I know others who feel the same.
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