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    Originally posted by a2m+ View Post

    If you postpone by a week then Silence would have to play twlb finals without me (assuming we win next weekend), so the same thing can be said about that week. I’m okay with postponing by a week if we’re allowed to postpone finals by 2 weeks so that I can play in them when I get back from vacation.
    no argument here my man. road would need to go both ways. Let’s be real though...missing both me and saiyan would have much more effect than just you...(joking...sort of ;p)

    1:Rough> if we even make playoffs, if the squad gets covid we could be missing key players.. gotta think of twl as sports right now, we all need to stay indoors for the next 3 months

    [Jan 27 23:30] fLaReD: ACROMANIA Challenge #10: G A G S W - fLaReD 0 pts (0 votes): grab aarons gabagool stupid wiseguy [NOVOTE/NOSCORE]


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      dont worry about your mother's day plans. They will be with me.
      1:Foreign> i screenshot every time i get mvp in javs
      1:pascone> folder is empty :/
      1:Tiny> LOL
      1:Mega Newbie> uhauhauhauhauhauha

      1:Ricko> i havent played so well and gone 4-7 before


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        would rather just play it out the length of this season is sickening
        Mythril> when i met ease in 2001 he was a gameboy

        Shaw> it was sad steadman. ppl were saying morph was the best jav and stuff. sad times without you here

        mcvicar> the last time ease spoke to me is when he said fart and then claus said "Fart it is."

        Mythril> stead was wishing covid 14 on ppl back in the day


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          Vys and I discussed, and have provided our response here.

          (hint: we're not postponing)
          TW EVENTS HOSTING - Player Appreciation Wall
          12-13-2020 - Mythril> was only planning to logon for 5 min, been eventing for 4hrs ty
          1:Chief Utsav> LOL
          1:Rule> we dont do that here.

          cripple> can u get pregnant if u cum in gf's ass