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let me teach you something about The Vash Tactic

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  • let me teach you something about The Vash Tactic

    see, The Vash Tactic, also known as the Vash Mindset, one has to strongly believe he is the best.

    this way, he sees the competition as an inferior set of obstacles that are overcome with ease. ^^

    you go into the game with this tactic, and you are bound to get high scores.

    you might just even end up best ranked among your peers at the end of seasons...

    its ridiculous, i know

    but it works

    so why question it?
    Call me Hadoken cus' Im down right FIERCE

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      gr8 tactic ty for sharing
      1:Cape> is infrared the thing that microwave does?
      Cape> i thought it was like u inferred
      1:Cape> yo when u look up at the night sky and see billions of night stars
      1:Cape> im like fuk it let this shit end

      Tsunami> LOl
      beam> stfu tsunami
      Tsunami> yo this girl is dead up snoring
      beam> ur blacker than tarcoal
      Tsunami> should end her life while she sleeps


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          lol my higher degree of technology plus my skill is too much to even think bout using in tw. or I'd be #1 wb.

          wud fuk anyone up in ma eyefinity mode 5900 x 1080 resolution g.

          It's shame that eg let's me use it but not tw. suk dik 2 u.
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