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If there are forfeits on Tuesday we'll change the weekday format

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  • If there are forfeits on Tuesday we'll change the weekday format

    Running 3 basing games simultaneously on a weekday mayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy be overly ambitious lol.

    With TSL going it might work, but my terrier sense is tingling, if it's a flop, we'll fix it and make the following changes:

    1) instead of running 3 games with 6 teams at the same time at 8 and 8:30, we'll run 2 games with 4 teams at a time so the other 2 teams can be harvested for borrows

    2) reduce the matchtimes to race to 10 minutes (instead of race to 15 minutes) on weekdays

    3) matchtimes will then be 8:00pm, 8:20pm, 8:40pm (remember there's TSL before and after, I think 3 game slots to 15 min. would be too big of a chunk of time)

    4) Borrowing on weekdays will be then again modified:

    Always available:

    8* (1 player)
    7* (unlimited)
    6* (unlimited)

    If both teams agree, you may add these star slots ON TOP OF the Always Available borrows (so you'd be allowed two 8*s total):

    9* (1 player) and/or
    8* (1 player)

    You can agree to borrow an additional 9* and 8*, or just a 9*, or just an 8*, for both sides or simply for one side. Whatever both captains agree to (bots should be unlocked, it's up to captains to add legal lines or risk a forfeit loss. With great power comes great responsibility.)

    If Tuesday looks grim, we can immediately switch to the alternate schedule and borrows, although I'm not sure BIET or qan will be around to change the times to Race to 10 minutes, so we might just run them to 15 minutes that one day, since we might have to have a high level mod change the bots from Race to 15 to Race to 10 between Sundays and Tuesdays every week to accomodate the alternate format.

    We'll play it by ear and see how it goes. Thanks!
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    TSL runs Nov. 14 until Dec. 19 on Tue/Wed/Thur/Sun, with 5v5 WB/Jav games where you solo queue and rank up the ladder individually.

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