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  • Basing Cup Results

    Congrats to Steadman's Druids on winning Basing Cup 2021, upsetting the dominant #1 seed all season and -600 favorites Barbarians in the finals. Violence once again showed what an amazing draft league captain he is putting that team together.

    Avengers also had a great season as Hawkeye assembled an elite squad, finishing #2 in the regular season and falling to the eventual champions in the semi-finals. Thieves defeated Dwopple's Corsairs in the play-in, and Banks' team put up a fantastic fight against Barbarians in their semi-final, narrowly getting edged out.

    Assassins had success in the weekday games, but couldn't muster a strong enough line to compete on Sundays. Props to TJ Hazuki, Stayon, and others for continuing to show despite being mathematically eliminated. Great sportsmanship.

    You can find the boxscores here.

    This was another fun and competitive season, as we increased the teams to 6 and had more players than ever playing in the cup, and the weekday games allowed a lot of players to get experience and playtime where they wouldn't otherwise if it was a Sunday-only league.

    I'm hoping Basing Cup becomes an annual league, fitting in between TWLB and TWDT-B, as TWDT-B used to be way more similar to Basing Cup, but it has transitioned to a star cap league with much weaker lines that have become closer to ?go base than TWL, which is good for activity and the zone and including more players, but has taken away a strong draft league to base with fairer lines. Basing Cup fills the void that TWDT-B used to fill.

    Thanks to everyone who helped out, shoutout to RageRitual for doing all the stats, and props to Dwopple and dare for recording the semis and finals. Big thanks to all the captains who volunteered, and everyone who participated.

    Finals -- Barbarians vs. Druids -- Round 1 (Druids chat 720p) / Round 1 (Spec chat 1080p)
    Finals -- Barbarians vs. Druids -- Round 2 Video (Druids chat 720p) / Round 1 (Spec chat 1080p)

    Semi-Finals -- Avengers vs. Druids -- Round 1 Video (Druids chat 720p) / Round 1 (Spec chat 1080p)
    Semi-Finals -- Avengers vs.Druids -- Round 2 Video (Druids chat 720p) / Round 1 (Spec chat 1080p)
    Semi-Finals -- Thievesvs. Barbarians -- Round 1(Spec chat 1080p)
    Semi-Finals -- Thieves vs.Barbarians -- Round 1(Spec chat 1080p)

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